Crime resurfaces on campus

Jordan Jacobo / Sports Editor

Amber McKenna

Editor in chief

Early evening on Sept. 15 a Linfield Campus Security officer detained a man on the corner of College Ave. and Cowls St.
Director of Campus Safety Mike Dressel said the man was stopped and asked to produce identification. He failed to cooperate with the officer.
“We make the general assumption that if someone doesn’t cooperate with us there is a reason,”
Dressel said.
The McMinnville Police Department arrived on the scene after LCS called for assistance, and took over.
Similar situations occurred several times last year. Dressel said some people do not realize they are on private property and are agitated when they are stopped by LCS.Broken window in Dana Hall
On Wednesday, Sept. 17, LCS responded to a report from a student who heard her window shatter. The call was made by junior Aila Wallace.
Wallace said she was sitting in her living room in Dana Hall when, at 9:56 p.m., she heard the sound of breaking glass.
Immediately, Wallace called campus safety. Officers investigated the area but found no evidence of what caused the window to break.
“It kind of looks like a bullet hole,” Wallace said. “But [LCS] couldn’t find anything that could have gone though the window.”
If anyone has any information regarding the window in Dana Hall, please contact Linfield Campus Safety at 503-883-5300.

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