Cable boxes boost ratings

Septembre Russell

Copy Editor


Starting February 17, 2009, televisions all over the country will begin to run  on digital signals. As a result of the switch to digital, the Linfield administration decided students should receive an upgraded
cable service.

“Students that had older TVs would have had problems getting service anyway,” Director of Residence Life Jeff Mackay said. “[The upgrade] provided a higher level of service and also added menu options.”

Comcast Cable Corporation issued residence halls and on-campus apartments digital cable boxes featuring the Starter Cable Service package. Channel choices are now more extensive. The package comes with Music Choice channels as well as additional video channels, such as FEARnet and MOVIEplex.  Channels like Home Box Office that do not come with the Starter Cable Service package, but are still available to students, though they will be charged for them.

Included with Comcast Digital Cable is On Demand. On Demand features a variety of programming that adds flexibility to students’ viewing experience. Students should exercise caution when selecting On Demand programs, as only some of them are free with the provided digital cable service, Business Services Group representative Kimberly Jackson said.

Comcast Cable Corporation technician Eddie Gil said students should also note they are part of a bulk account that usually cannot order Pay Per View channels. That is reserved for upgraded accounts, which are billed individually.

If students wish to upgrade their service, they are encouraged to call the Comcast Cable Corporation office. Students can call for Pay Per View movies unless they have an upgraded package.  If so, then they can order right out of their room, Gil said.

In the future, the digital cable upgrade will be reflected in Linfield’s room rates. 

Comcast will be returning to campus at the semester’s end to collect boxes and hardware in a manner similar to the way they were distributed. Fines will be administered to students who damage or lose Comcast property. A lost or damaged cable box will run $160 and the charge for a lost remote is $5.

HBO may not have been provided, but the presence of digital cable is a priviledge not lost on students.

“It’s a pretty good deal, more like home,” freshman Louie Labate said. Any technical questions, concerns about billing and  updrade options should be directed to Comcast.

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