‘Knight’ saves summer

Dominic Baez

Managing editor

How can it get any better than when the movie starts with a bank robbery by grown men, in clown masks no less? How about when everyone starts shooting each other, with the Joker himself being the mastermind behind this ingenious invasion? And to think, that is only the beginning of “The Dark Knight,” the newest addition to Christopher Nolan’s “Batman” series.

An abundance of talented actors starred in this rendition, including Christian Bale, who starred as the stoic Bruce Wayne; the late Heath Ledger, who, to be honest, stole the show with his performance as the deranged Joker; and Aaron Eckhart, who played new D.A. Harvey Dent,
Gotham’s White Knight.

The action only intensified as the movie progressed. The plot continued from its predecessor, “Batman Begins.” Thanks to the watchful eye of the masked vigilante, Gotham City’s crime syndicate now hides in terror, only to be more or less resurrected by the psychotic Joker. From that point on, the danger escalated to the point of near insanity, with the Joker implementing highly cruel and inventive methods of murder in order to cause chaos and mayhem.

From hair-raising car chases, multi-level building explosions and mind-boggling technological feats, “The Dark Knight” will only leave you wanting more. This is a must see for anyone who enjoys a deep plot and more action than one can handle. Grade: A

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