‘Express’ soars high

Ryan Gerdes

Graphic/ads designer

Fans of “Superbad,” “Knocked Up” and “40 Year Old Virgin:” A new assignment has been added to your jam-packed syllabus. Homework materials required: $7-$9, driver’s license and a pair of Depends. Really though, I suggest you take a few hours from your studies and see “Pineapple Express”.

Seth Rogan has written and acted in yet another film littered with crude jokes, foul language and enough marijuana to choke a horse.

Rogan’s character and his dealer, played by James Franco, witness a police officer and drug lord commit a murder and spend the length of the film running from the cops, all the while trying to clear their names. Rogan is his usual comical self; the real surprise is how Franco breaks from his trend of serious roles in order to play a stringy-haired pothead. He pulls it off well: It’s as if he was meant to play a stoner all along. Another surprise is the introduction of a new bulletproof actor, Danny McBride.

This unseemly comedic trio of motley nitwits create fantastic on-screen chemistry.

Although the film is made up of many crude and funny bits, the glue that holds it together is the underlying theme of growing up and accepting one’s age. I’m hoping, however, that you don’t just take my word for it. Grade: B

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