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For five Linfield students, meandering walks and hikes lead to prize-winning photos in the International Programs Office annual photo contest

Lizzie Martinez

Copy editor

Senior Kyle Henderson

“Crocs Beware”

First place, Linfield Students Abroad

January Term, Environmental

Economics, Australia

Hiking in Australia in January means 100 degree heat. For senior Kyle Henderson and other Linfield students, an entire day of traipsing along cliffs meant they were more than ready to cool off. When the group spotted a watering hole filled with rainwater, the students jumped in.

“We were just goofing off in the watering hole,” Henderson said.

After a few weeks, the group had yet to spot a single crocodile down under. Perhaps to inspire future crocs to show themselves to Linfield students or to make their own fun with crocodiles, Henderson grabbed his camera and asked the students to pose like crocs.

“We did eventually see a little croc up close and another one far away,” he said.

Senior Ivan Rott

“Peace Flame”, First place, Judge’s Award, Spring Semester Abroad, Norway

Senior Ivan Rott spent an entire semester immersing himself in the Norwegian culture.

“The whole Norwegian, even Scandinavian, attitude is about peace and egalitarian ways of life,” Rott said

The Peace Flame, located near the Nobel Peace Museum in Norway’s capital of Oslo, stands as a testament to this. While on a walk one day, Rott noticed a connection between the flame, museum and country. He pulled out his camera and shot the image.

“It was a good way to capture the spirit,” he said.

Sophomore Katie Ouzounian

“Sunset at Isla San Cristobal”

First place, Landscape

January Term, Environmental Ethics, Ecuador

The Amazon rainforest affords numerous opportunities to shoot photos of exotic animals under the cover of canopy. But for sophomore Katie Ouzounian, her perfect photo came not in the rainforest, but on the island of San Cristobal at the end of a five-day boat journey through islands off the edge of Ecuador.

Taking advantage of a break from studying, Ouzounian set off on a stroll through the small town. When she chanced upon a view of a sunset streaming through a tree, she remembered the advice she had once been given.

“Someone once told me to take pictures of sunsets through things because it’s more interesting,” she said. “So I did.”

Junior Kendall Moriarty, “Stories of a Lifetime”

First place, People, Fall Semester Abroad, Ecuador

After a week of traveling the beaches of Ecuador, Moriarty found herself in the tiny town of Canoa on Christmas Eve. On the way to a restaurant, she stumbled upon a riveting sight, one she would see throughout the weekend. A woman was perched quietly on the edge of the sidewalk, focused on her writing. Moriarty went into the restaurant with friends, and the woman kept writing.

“I saw her several times that weekend, she was constantly writing,” she said. “Who knows what she wrote; but it must have been worth her undivided attention.”

Junior Doug Sides, “Sunset at Hyde Park”

First place, Architecture

January Term, Samuel Johnson’s London, England

For junior Doug Sides, his last day in London was part disappointment, part excitement. Though he was unable to find the famous chef Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant to sample the fare, he did happen upon a gorgeous scene in Hyde Park. Sides spent the end of his month-long trip to London revisiting all his favorite haunts in the city, when he came across the fountain, with light streaming in.

“I was simply in the right place at the right time,” Sides said.

Photo and Essay Contest Winners


1st Place

Katie Ouzounian

“Sunset at Isla San Cristobal”

2nd Place

Ally Cross

“A View from Elmina Castle”

3rd Place

Kendall Moriarty

“An Eye to the World”


1st Place

Doug Sides

“Sunset at Hyde Park”

2nd Place

Katie Westlake

“Gare du Nord”

3rd Place

Logan Close

“Il Palazzo dei Doge”


1st Place

Kendall Moriarty

“Stories of a Lifetime”

2nd Place

Kendall Moriarty


3rd Place

Michelle Harteloo

“Squirrel Feeding in Green Park”

Judge’s Award:

1st Place

Ivan Rott

“Peace Flame”

2nd Place

Janna Windsor

“Colors of Mexico”

3rd Place

Ashley Page

“Telescopic Sea”

Linfield Students Abroad:

1st Place

Kyle Henderson

“Crocs Beware”

2nd Place

Katie Westlake

“A New Perspective”

3rd Place

Jasmine Klauder

“The Pyramid View”

Essay Contest:

1st Place

Lizzie Martinez


Ansley Clark

“Letter to My Mother”

3rd Place

Barbara Tanner

“China Reflected: An Essay”

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