Take pride in education, experience

Amber McKenna

Editor in chief

Dominic Baez

Managing editor


On June 1, the parents of you graduating seniors will be snapping pictures from every angle, relatives you barely know will send you cards and presents and you will be challenged with the task of uncovering what “next” means for you.

The college-grad experience is now surrounding Linfield seniors. It may seem as if the whole ordeal is a hassle and you are ready to leave the college life behind, but don’t take it for granted—many students do not make it to graduation day.

The Education Trust is an online database, www.collegeresults.org, featuring graduation rates, broken down by demographics, of practically every institution in the country. According to the Web site, Linfield, based off its compiled statistics up to 2006, has a 72.8 percent graduation rate.

Everyone notices when students don’t return to campus in the spring or the fall. Reasons include financial diffuculties, low grades, transferring schools, new pursuits or a mental breakdown. Whatever the reason, nearly 30 percent of students who start out at Linfield do not graduate.

It is a shame to see this occur in a society where education is so important. Our world today does not match the one our parents grew up in.

It is well-known that college graduates make twice as much money as those who only complete high school. It is also sad to think that many are not fortunate enough to have the college experience at all. Having all of your friends living within a 10-minute walk of you does not generally happen in the real world, though shows like “Friends” deceive us. Other perks you might miss from the college experience include free concerts and entertainment, free or cheap food and knowing you can track anyone down through Facebook.

The 72.8 percent of students who do graduate and walk across the stage in the Oak Grove should be proud of themselves. Be proud for sticking it out through hard semesters and living to see the end result after four or five years.

Although the majority of seniors may be leaving Linfield without a job or any sort of plan, know this: Linfield has done its best to prepare you for life after college. Through internships, leadership roles in clubs and organizations and the experiences of college, you are ready to make Linfield, your family and yourself proud.

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