Survey results give Cabinet passing grade

Kelly Copeland

Recent evaluations show the majority of students who filled out evaluations approve of the overall job of this year’s ASLC Cabinet.

Organized and facilitated by freshman Elections Committee Chair Jake M. Masin, students had the opportunity to express how this year’s ASLC Cabinet performed. 

Evaluation forms were distributed to members of the Senate, who forwarded it to constituents and posted on Student News. Despite giving students two weeks to respond, Masin received just 78 responses.

Although the number seemed low, Masin said it is a large increase compared to the 14 evaluations received last spring, and they still provide valuable feedback for incoming Cabinet members.

“It’s a way for next year’s Cabinet to step up and make sure the job they do is better,” Masin said.

The evaluation consisted of nine questions, with additional inquiries if students answered a certain way. Each student was asked to read the questions and respond on a scale of one to five, with one meaning unsatisfactory, and five meaning no improvement is needed.

Masin said most students gave positive feedback. Overall, students said their approval of the Cabinet members was “good,” with little to no improvement needed, as was the function and organization of Senate and the approval of the ASLC president.

Despite the petition controversy that took place last year regarding students’ discontent with senior outgoing ASLC President Chipo Dendere, Masin said the surveys did not reflect any dissatisfaction with her work.

“There weren’t any references to the petition,” Masin said. “I think that shows it didn’t affect most
peoples’ opinions.”

Masin said the comments students made regarding things that could be changed were minor. He said students would like the ASLC Web site to be updated more frequently, to post office hours of Cabinet members more clearly and to make small improvements on existing policies and procedures. 

The most notable request made by students was to see Cabinet members participate in more campus events.

Junior ASLC President Chris Schuldt said the evaluations will improve the function of next year’s Cabinet by providing ideas for changes students want to see.

“I think it is a necessary tool, and I am happy it has to be done,” Schuldt said. “This gives us more of a perspective of what the students want, and we are going to take this and make some changes so students know we care.”

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