Support growth of local businesses

Rachael Palinkas

Features editor


Because last week was the kick-off to McMinnville’s new Buy Local campaign, I thought it would be appropriate to express my appreciation for such an initiative.

The campaign encourages members of the community to do all business locally, be it eating out and shopping or professional services. The goal is to stay local by putting dollars into the community, rather than big corporations.

“Live Local. Be Local,” is the slogan of this campaign, emphasizing the importance of becoming a regular part of the community and putting dollars spent
where it really matters.

Though this grassroots campaign has just started, I have no doubt that it will be successful. There is already buzz about being environmentally friendly that can only aid the movement.

Keep in mind that just because your town doesn’t have a campaign such as this does not mean buying local does not matter. By living local, no matter where you are, you are supporting the community. You will save on gas prices and have the chance to be a part of something bigger than yourself.

The ways to be local are simple and often easier on your budget. Get coffee from a local café instead of Starbucks; rent movies from a local movie store, rather than Blockbuster; buy vegetables from a farmer’s market or local grocery retailer; go to restaurants that use local foods; use independently owned professional services over big names in the industry.

Sometimes it can be tough to avoid Wal-Mart when you need something you know they will have. However, by taking a second to think about other places that will carry the same thing,  it will be worth the extra dollar or two it might cost.

So this summer when you’re home and relaxing, think about those local businesses and what they have to offer before heading for a big-name business.

Think of it as rooting for the home team.

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