Spokane-based ‘Elevaters’ lift spirits in Fred Meyer Lounge

Mary Odunuga

It was a memorable night for Linfield students.

Fred Meyer Lounge rocked with energy and talents from The Elevaters, this week’s professional CatCab band that performed Thursday night. The Elevaters packed FML at the concert, which lasted two hours.

Sophomore Joy Nelson, Linfield’s Activities Board music chair, said she saw the group when it performed at a campus activities conference in November in Spokane, Wash.

“We saw them at the National Association of Campus Activities Conference and signed a contract with them to come here,” Nelson said. “They were soulful and quite moving. Anyone can feel their music.”

Kasey Richter, vice president of programming, was also at the conference and said The Elevaters were fun and had variety to their songs.

“They were really high energy and fun, and we thought they could do something cool and different for the Linfield students,” Richter said.

One aspect Richter said she liked about the group’s songs was the different genres of its music.

The Elevaters are a group of six men from Los Angeles. Their songs are a mixture of funk, rock, hip-hop and soul and have played alongside artists such as Medusa and are known to connect with their audience.

The Elevaters released their album “Rising” in May 2007 and are making waves at college radio stations across the country.

The band’s current tour runs through San Francisco, Oakland and Seattle.

If you missed The Elevater experience at Linfield, check them out on MySpace or their website, www.elevatermusic.com and listen to their songs.

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