My reality: Life as a Senior

Kelly Copeland

Over the past four years, there have been many things about Linfield I wished were different. During my freshman year, I complained about Dillin and roommate problems, then sophomore year I complained about parking problems and the over watering of the grass on campus. Junior year I complained about Residence Life and how we didn’t know the policies, and now as a senior I complain about the crappy printer in Renshaw hall and how I wish I had been more prepared for leaving college.
So what’s a student to do? No doubt everyone complains about something; it is natural. But what is really important is that after you are done complaining, you do something about it. As a senior I could very well just forget about all of those things that made me angry during my time here. But for some reason, it is prompting me to do just the opposite.
Usually when I receive an e-mail with a subject line “take this survey,” I immediately delete it. But lately I have been taking the time to actually respond. I think this is important because if students don’t tell the college how it is doing in certain areas, any problems will never get fixed. The same goes for if you are in a computer lab and there are no more staples, paper or if a computer is broken. Call ITS and tell them. It’s not like they have censors in their office telling them whenever a printer is out of paper or if a computer mouse is broken, and they don’t have enough time to sit in Renshaw waiting for something to go wrong.
So I urge all of you underclassmen to step up and voice your opinion. I am doing it, even though I leave here in a few weeks. But you have the greatest potential to make change because you’re still here! So send those e-mails to ITS, respond to those online surveys asking you to rate Residence Life. If something doesn’t get done now, at least it will help make a difference in the future.

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  1. Hello, i read this post and i know how you feel. But the thing is, that how hard you think is there, you should come and see how it’s in my country, where the campus is full or rats and all sorts of creatures. I can’t wait to be a senior and leave this place

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