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With the popularity of group political discussions on sites like Facebook, and with the many political blogs available out in cyberspace, what makes YourThreeCents special as a place for discussion? is a place for the “Independent, Unedited Voice.” Compared to Facebook and the other political blogs, this site is specifically targeted to Generation Y. It is their advocate and their outlet!

(You’ll definitely get more of a feel about the site after this interview.)

When you visit, you’ll see that the people that answer and ask questions or just post their thoughts, have concerns on what is going on in their lives and want POSITIVE change! This site is a place to show what this generation is thinking and carry the voices of the young masses. People come back and respond, come back and represent, come back and remand a presence in where their future and the future of this country stand!

Can you tell us a little bit about the site’s creators, and how it came into being? was created by a few recent college grads who thought that their generation needed a clear, precise place to voice their opinions on the state of their nation and the world. The college graduates that are involved come from Binghamton University, Temple University, Penn State, and Syracuse University. Being members of Generation Y, the reason we created the site was because we are the future and the way we vote today affects every aspect of our lives. Many young American’s have no idea what is going on in their backyards or in the world. We wanted to create a site to inform America’s youth and allow the world to see what we think of everything going on in politics and show how much is affected by politics. This site allows for the nation, the political leaders, presidential candidates and the world to hear what our generation has to say.

What made you decide to take action? Why a website?

Personally, I, as well as the rest of the creators of ‘Your Three Cents,’ have always cared about politics- The world revolves around politics, our future revolves around politics. We were all talking one day and we realized that there really wasn’t a clear and specific place where America’s youth was being heard, politically. Asking around and seeing that the rest of Generation Y agreed that what was missing in today’s world was a place, specifically for THEM to go to, was started in order for all of America to see what this generation has to say politically.

How do the opinions and arguments voiced on the site get translated into political action? Could you describe how the site is an actual force and an opportunity for action?

This site is the perfect place for Americans and elected officials to go to in order to see what this generation is thinking. is incredibly informational with this age group and people want to see what we think. We are American base but, have international appeal. Around the world, people are able to see what is going on specifically in one’s life, at one’s school and can see what your opinions are. This is an amazing outlet and gives an inside look on what concerns us! This site gives amazing opportunity for conversation, ideas exchanged and for one to think outside the box.

Do you anticipate any issues regarding the site’s policy of completely free speech? Undoubtedly there will be some non-constructive or derogatory arguments posted. How is the site set up to deal with such occurrences?

Not at all. We take pride in not censoring anything and not taking down anything that may be offensive. is the “Independent, Unedited Voice!” America’s youth needs to know what is going on around their country and around the world, and people need to know what and how we think. This site gives the amazing opportunity for someone in California to hear what is going on in Missouri. For someone from Vermont to hear what is going on in Oklahoma. The goal of ‘Your Three Cents’ is to create a blogging community where ideas are exchanged and voices are heard. NOTHING is to be censored; NO voice is to remain quiet. We believe and know that today’s youth has an obligation to enable change and politically influence this country and the world. The purpose is to return the power to them, giving them an outlet to speak up and voice their opinions.

The only thing that we will touch is if we have spam but, everything else is there to stay!, however, is not just a blogging community but, it is also an informational site. Our visitors are bright, intellectual and care about their future (and realize that this is the place to voice it!). Being that it is an informational site, the people who visit and post on the site are those who want the truth, who want answers and don’t want anything sugar-coated. Whether it has to do with the questions, links or our news feed, if it has been affected by politics, it’s on the site, uncensored.

‘Your Three Cents’ was created to help America’s youth say what is on their minds! We encourage the idea of thoughts and opinions exchanged! We do not and will not edit anything and we feel that there will be no issues because Generation Y’s opinions count for A LOT. We don’t want our generation’s voice to be “lost in the wind.” We have a mind of our own; we have strong opinions and it’s time to start challenging the nation! Anyone can put anything up! It is updated every day, numerous times a day, with new questions pertaining to what happened that day in politics.

Why choose Linfield as the school of the week for May 4th? What makes Linfield a school particularly likely to become involved and spark activity?

Mistake, we have chosen Linfield for the week of May 11th- May 17th.

There are many reasons that go behind picking a college. The schools that we want to highlight are schools that have good reputations, which have students that are intellectual and care about their future. The college we chose is one that would want to INFORM America, those who want to vent and the people who visit the site want answers!

Being that it is an election year, we also take into consideration and try to coordinate if an event is going on in a certain state. The Oregon Primary is right around the corner and people all over the world are so interested in what the candidates are doing and what your opinions are as college students and as the future. They will love to hear stories about the candidates as well and this will be Linfield’s chance to take advantages of this spotlight! Linfield can say what is on their mind, not just on the election but also about things that affect them daily. We know that picking Linfield, the students are bright and want the nation to hear what they have to say. We pick schools that are from different areas of the country so we can get different opinions and not be one sided.

In general, being chosen as “College of the Week,” it allows emphasis on the opinions that come from college students. Its intention is for the students to show what they have to say about our nation’s state of affairs and show America where they stand, always sparking tremendous activity. Choosing Linfield, it will give an insight on what may be going on in your community and what political events are happened and are happening on campus. By being highlighted this coming week, America gets a chance to hear what your political opinions are and gives them a chance to ask you questions. The students at Linfield will take a stand and let the country know where they stand for the future of this county!

“College of the Week” is a great way to see the differences between your schools Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and undecided. It’s also a way to respond to your rival schools comments, let your local officials or the Presidential hopefuls know what your college issues are. A way to post pictures of events happening on your campus and a way to let America know in advanced what political events are happening around your area.

Linfield has such an excellent reputation academically and athletically. They have students that are intellectual and care about their future (which is what is all about!). We are very excited to have Linfield University as our College of the Week from Sunday May 11th – Saturday May 17th and we encourage EVERYONE to sign up on as soon as they can! Your opinions don’t have to wait till you’re school is being highlighted that week, and it doesn’t end when your week is done. The professors especially love knowing that their school has been chosen to be highlighted and tell their students right away, involving even more activity. When students are aware that their opinions are going to be seen nationwide, they know that this opportunity is a great way for people to take a stand and speak up about what is going on around their campus and their opinions of the nation’s state of affairs.

Students will be wondering what they are supposed to do with such a space as YourThreeCents creates. What would you suggest they engage the site fully? Besides posting opinions and arguments, what can students do with the site? How do you envision the discussion looking? Like a debate? A conglomerate of many threads of concern? A casual conversation? is extremely useful for students and young American’s! America’s youth need to know what is going on around their country and around their world. This is a great opportunity for the students at Linfield to let people know what’s going on. We are an internet based generation and can spread the word faster to make a dramatic change in our nation’s politics. ‘Your Three Cents’ was created to help America’s youth say what is on their minds and to showcase our strong opinions! People tune into this site numerous times a day! It has grown to over 1 million hits and grows increasingly every day.

The site was created for Generation Y to not only give their two cents but, their THREE CENTS (and by doing so, grabbing attention to this generation!). If people come to the site even once, respond, vent, or learn something new that spells success. The only way we can make a difference in our nation is if this generation takes a stand and SPEAKS UP on what is going on in their heads, giving ‘Your Three Cents.’ We wanted to restore this generation’s voice and change the path of our country in a good way. Politics needs Generations Y’s voice!

The site is tremendously beneficial to students. This is a place where people can post questions for the Presidential candidates, where people could post pictures of issues that most concern them. A place for someone to inform their peers, where people can let others know that they are campaigning for a cause, where people can participate in spreading the voices of America’s youth through political events happening around the nation.

We are aware that it being an election year, a lot of the subjects that have been posted and discussed has been from people stating what each candidate is going to do/ not do for their future and where people stand with this election. That is extremely important, however, it definitely does not stop there! has a political platform but is topical; Many subjects such as sports, health, war, lifestyle, etc have been touched upon. The world revolves around politics so if it includes it, it is mentioned. The way we make our decisions this year will definitely impact our future. Many of the issues that have addressed are; birth control, job growth, presidential candidates/primaries, abortion, unions, Darfur, the increasing dollar, Iraq, National Security, etc.

The people who visit the site and who post and answer aren’t just interested in what people are voting on and who they are voting for. They want to know what’s going on, especially people being in the same age bracket. This is why this site is great for college students. Our users/viewers care deeply about the future and you won’t find any celebrity gossip on this site. We feel that it is more important to focus on what the members are saying and getting as many people as possible to become active. is the perfect place to voice your concerns or voice things that you agree with politically that is happening around you. Different questions are posted everyday and it is interesting to see what today’s youth, across the country have to say. Check the site everyday!


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