Housing changes add space

Katie Paysinger

Changes to campus housing provide students with a chance for more spacious accommodations as they begin registration this week.

The occupancy level in the Red Apartments has been lowered to two per apartment. This allows each student to have his or herown bedroom.

“The Reds definitely appeal to me because everyone gets their own room,” junior Morgan St. Jean said.

St. Jean said she hopes to register for one of the apartments.

Jane Failing Room 220 will  become a single, and rooms 302 and 414 in Pioneer Hall are now triples instead
of quads.

Freshman MacKenzie Lowen is one of the current four residents in Pioneer 414.

“It is a good idea to change this room back into a triple,” she said. “That way everyone will not be so cramped.”

Freshman Hilda Escalera, also in 414, said it seems people who are in quads are more likely to switch rooms once the year has started compared to those in triples and doubles.

Allowing students more space in their rooms is one of the reasons for the occupancy changes, Jeff Mackay, associate dean of students and director of Residence Life, said.

“Our housing model showed us that we had six projected vacancies for next year in the suburbs,” Mackay said. “We thought that changing the Reds to doubles, where there are three apartments, would make them more popular because everyone would have their own bedroom. That got rid of three of the

The housing model is based on the number of this year’s upperclassmen and the anticipated number of incoming transfer students.

“The projection model is not a science, it is an art,” Mackay said. “This is what we think is going to happen based on previous retention rates. We also find more students are going abroad their junior year, which takes some pressure off the suburbs.”

Seniors tend to dictate the direction of housing registration, Mackay said. This year, 80 percent of students live on campus, including those in fraternity houses.

Mackay said students living on campus have higher GPAs than those who don’t. The average GPA for off-campus students last spring was 3.03, compared to students in the suburbs, whose GPAs averaged 3.38.

“People living in the (Hewlett-Packard Park Apartments) can hit the snooze button twice, throw on a ball cap and still make it to class,” Mackay said.

Monday is registration for singles and triples in the suburbs. May 7 is for singles, triples and suites in the residence halls.

Registering for residence hall doubles will be May 8.

All registration is done in the Wilson Upper Gym beginning at 7:30 p.m.



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