Health survey shows students’ misperception

Katie Paysinger

 News editor

Results from the Spring Health Behavior Survey were released May 15 and show that, overall, student drug and alcohol use stayed the same since last year’s survey.

There were 781 students who took the survey, a slight decrease from the 790 students who participated
last year.

“Even though there were nine less students who took the survey, we were 2 percent higher in participation that represents the overall campus,” Christina Ries, health promotion and student wellness coordinator, said. 

The 60 percent female to 40 percent male participant ratio closely mimics Linfield’s 55 percent female to 45 percent male enrollment figure.

The survey was posted May 1. Students’ misperception of the amount of alcohol fraternity members use increased by 15 percent, a drastic jump. Almost half of participants perceive that fraternity members drink three or more times per week.

“We formed a Greek Alcohol Task Force this year, but yet the (fact that) perception still increased is phenomenal,” Ries said.

Of the 781 participants, 263 were self-identified as involved in Greek life. Of those Greek Life participants, 75 percent said they consume alcohol once a week or less, or not at all. Some students feel the misperception is likely because of the outpour of movies based on the topic, such as the
Van Wilder films. 

“People are always going to see those movies and there will always be that misperception,” freshman Scott Pinske, Kappa Sigma Fraternity member, said. “However, Greek Life here at Linfield is drastically different than at other schools.”

Thirteen prize winners received gift certificates to local vendors for taking the survey. Sophomore Aila Wallace won the grand prize, a Nintendo Wii. She said she is a frequent participant in the surveys distributedby the college.

Compared to other schools, Wallace said she feels Linfield does not have a problem with drugs and alcohol.

Complete results of the Spring Health and Behavior Survey can be found on Student News.

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