Editor’s Blog: Behind the scenes of last week’s issue

Jillian Beaudry

Last week’s issue was so easy and relaxed. It was my last issue as the sole editor in chief and this is my last blog entry. We had a ton of great content this week, and the design was a little more laxed, but overall OK.

We had some problems with the twin feature, but we worked through the challenges and came out on top.

President Hellie trusted me with the information about the Old Oak so we could ahve the information in this issue. He hadn’t even told his wife! We felt very poud that he trusted us and we didn’t let the word leak out before he announced it on Friday.

On Friday we attended ONPA Collegiate Day and won 13 awards, including second place for general excellence. What a great week for the Review.

OK, i had a great year and have enjoyed this blog. Next week Amber will take over!

Loves, Jill

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