Editor’s Blog: Behind the scenes of last week’s issue

Amber McKenna

Friday the 16th’s issue was my first taking over as Editor in chief. Jill and I worked together throughout the week on the issue, but during production at midnight the old staff left (as per tradition) and the new staff officially took over.

Overall, it took a substantial time to finish all the editing and make corrections, but that is to be expected with a new staff, many of whom are just learning the programs we work with. Late in the night (or early in the morning) we had a glitch with the feature pages. When we attempted to save them in PDF format there were shapes popping up that didn’t even exist in the images! It was frustrating, but in the end we decided to make some layout changes to solve the problem. Although the double truck didn’t turn out exactly as planned, it turned out well.

It was nice to be able to put out a color issue this week, our fifth one of the year, and I am proud of the finished product. Old staff, you will definitely be missed, but I am excited to see what the new staff can produce!

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