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Photo by Rachael Palinkas/Features Editor

Attention to details adds beauty to Linfield campus


Septembre Russell/Copy Editor


You’ve seen how great campus looks in print; the lush green trees, the carefully coifed grass, free from leaves, trash and debris. Everything appears surreal, inviting and, unlike the fast food we see in commercials, what you see is what
you get. 

Our campus isn’t gorgeous just because we live in Oregon, there are several individuals dedicated to the maintenance and preservation of Linfield’s sprawling green fields and landscaping.

The grounds crew at Linfield puts in painstaking work to ensure that campus stays in top condition.

It is almost a guarantee you will spot a member of the  grounds crew hard at work outside for the majority of the day despite the weather.

Summer is upon us, and it is hot enough out there to make birds drown themselves instead of just cooling down with a bath.

Imagine mowing and toiling the grass in last week’s 98-degree heat, donning closed-toed shoes, long pants and gloves, as these ensure workers’ safety. Despite the heat, uniform requirements can be menacing.

“That nice, crisp edge along the grass and pathways—they’re responsible for that,” senior Sara Burgoyne said.

That’s not all they contribute.  Grounds crew staff pull weeds, mow and edge the fields and lawns, trim trees, hedges and plant flowers all over campus. 

Their job isn’t complete when school ends for the summer; grounds crew staff work year-round, looking after campus while students are away enjoying their time off.

 While getting to know some of the crew off the field, some of the wisdom imparted included the disclosure that olive oil works wonders for split ends and that it isn’t a great idea to hang tight ropes up in the trees.

In the crew’s break room, you might find a South Park sticker along with a peg-board album hanging on the wall filled with pictures of student crew members, families and friends. Each member is known for his or her different quirks and talents, and they all work together to keep campus easy on the eyes. 

Groundskeeper Rick Knutz, who has been a grounds crew member for a decade, said that his favorite thing about working the grounds is pruning trees while everything else is “dreadful.” 

Sophomore Christina Michael has worked for the grounds for two years.

“I like being outside, and the crew is fun to work with,” Michael said.

Knutz and Michael bring up a common annoyance among crew staff: students tanning while the grass is being mowed.
     “(You) would think that they would notice a mower coming, sometimes not,” Michael said.

Members of the grounds crew work tirelessly, just like the rest of us—but in comparison, students barely make
the grade.

Classrooms  with windows that face an open field or sector of grass merely warrant a glimpse of what grounds crew work truly is.

The next time you pass one of grounds crew staff while on the way to take a test inside of an air-conditioned classroom, don’t take their hard work for granted, and try to place yourself in their closed-toed shoes. 

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