Catfiles: An accessible, student-friendly solution

Lizzie Martinez

The numerous school e-mails that circulate in our inboxes often leave us prone to just hitting delete without thoroughly reading the e-mail. A while ago, the faculty sent out e-mails informing students of the latest addition to the school’s technology. Catfiles is the latest venture from the Integrated Technology Services to make our lives easier.

I admit I was a little skeptical about the system at first. I resisted switching my files over from Z-Drive or attempting to log on and learn about the new system—even the instructions seemed daunting. When I was forced to learn the system to access files for a homework assignment this week, I quickly realized my mistake and began uploading many of my projects and assignments.

According to the ITS Web site, Catfiles is a “secure digital network file system that allows users to safely store, share and publish their content, collaborate on research or other projects and build useful educational objects such as ePorflios.”

To sum up: Catfiles is a great new online program to store files.

First off, if you ever forget your portable thumb drive, you can do something easier than sending it to yourself via e-mail-save it to your Catfiles. This way it will be securely on the Internet access, accessible from any computer with Internet, and safe from being deleted. You can also store up to two gigabytes of information for free.

One of the most exciting features about Catfiles is the ability to share folders. Anyone who has ever done a group project has dealt with the juggling of information via e-mail and thumb drives. Catfiles eliminates the need to send each other the latest copy of the paper or slideshow.

A student can instead create a folder just for the project and grant access to each student in the group. There would be a place in Catfiles just for the group where they could upload revisions to the essay or additions to the slideshow, for example. The program makes it easy to track revisions as well, so you’ll always know who deleted the last slide. Finally, everyone will have access to the most updated version of the project all the time.

Catfiles has many more cool features. Log on today and start uploading your files. Tell all your friends and professors. It will make your life easier. Go to

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