Budgets adjusted across campus

Amber McKenna

Editor in chief

Despite the rise of student body fees next year, the proposed budget for the Associated Students of Linfield College budget saw some major changes and cuts and was approved by Senate this week.

The ASLC budget is annually funded by student body fees paid by each Linfield student, which increase at half the rate  tuition increases.

Next year, the fees will be $100 each semester and $25 for January Term. The total allotted budget for ASLC to use in the 2008-2009 academic year is $345,000; this amount is $15,000 dollars more
than last year.

ASLC’s budget includes the funds for all campus clubs, club sports, Activities Council, communications board outlets and Cabinet and its beneficiaries.

Each group proposes its own budget, then goes in front of the budget committee. The committee includes the ASLC president, vice president of business and finance, business manager, finance committee chair and director of student activities.

The total amount proposed by all groups this year was $70,000 more than the amount initially allotted, therefore many cuts needed to be made.

“We trimmed things as a committee that we thought were inflated,” junior Wesley Mitchell, vice president of business and finance for ASLC, said.

All groups’ food budgets were cut completely,, including the award of a best event pizza party by the
Activities Council.

“We came to the decision that it is not worth spending money of student body funds on food for individual student groups when it could go toward an activity like a comedian for all students to enjoy,” Mitchell said.

In addition, the committee took one tournament away from each club sport, including Tennis Club, Water Polo, Rugby Club, Lacrosse and Linfield Ultimate Player’s Association.

Dan Fergueson, director of student activities, said just because the tournaments were cut from the budget, does not mean the teams can’t go. There are opportunities for outside fundraising and alumni donations, Fergueson said.

An easy cut for the committee to make was the $1.3 million dollar helicopter the Linfield Ultimate Players Association requested. Fergueson said the club requests something outlandish each year.

Other cuts to the budget included the de-chartering of seven inactive clubs. Wildcat Productions was able to reduce their budget by 84 percent by selling old equipment and using the profits toward their costs.

Budget Hearing Committee members said the funds for Activity Council are the same, as this year’s sum of $23,000 has seemingly been the perfect amount.

Lacrosse and Rugby were not budgeted for in the previous year, adding a combined $13,500 to the proposed budget. Other additions include a new budget for Linfield Activities Board publicity and two new activities board
position stipends.

Fergueson said students don’t often realize how much is paid for by the ASLC budget, such as admission to sporting events and access to athletic facilities.

“The general student body should take advantage of the things ASLC is putting on for them, because they’re paying for it,” Fergueson said.

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