“Intra•sect” caps senior artists’ college careers

Mary Odunuga


They are now seniors, and they have three weeks of hard work at Linfield before they graduate. Starting on Wednesday the intra.sect exhibit features work from fifth-year senior Justin Alpern and seniors Keenan Havens, Alia Moore and Lindsay Thordarson.

Their work is being presented in the Miller Fine Arts Gallery until June 1, and is open to students and the public every Tuesday through Saturday from noon to 5 p.m.

This project is a two-semester long work thesis about developing a kind of artwork that is consistent and has a theme. The show displays each of the students’ work: Alpern’s video work, Havens’ drawings and Moore’s

Thordarson is a painter and her work is mostly in acrylic. Alpern did video work, Havens did drawings and Moore’s works are in sculpture.

“My thesis is all about memory, nostalgia and preservation in short,” Moore said. “This project evolved from the work I was working on before.”

Havens said his drawings center around life and death. They are about preserving life in drawing.

“My drawing is a kind of abstract visual journal. We are all going to die, and I thought that if I make replicas of myself in drawings, I might be able to preserve myself on time,” Havens said.

This project is the continuation of last year’s work.

They are eager about leaving Linfield for the new world. Thordarson is planning on going to Portland to work for a year.

“I feel excited to be out of school although I am a little scared,” Thordarson said.

She would like to go to graduate school for creative writing. Until then, she wants to explore her opportunities. Thordarson has an internship with a publishing house in Portland. She is also  considering making illustrated books for children.

Moore said she is ready  to leave Linfield and fulfill other goals. She hopes to get some job and continue in art, Alpern agrees.

“I am excited to graduate, but I know that I have a lot of work to do before I graduate and right after. I am an artist, a photographer and a videographer and I intend to work for myself,” Alpern said.

Havens said he might move to the Portland area, and he hopes to get a job in a gallery. He is excited about leaving but anxious of what the outside world holds for him.

“It is a whole big new world which I am going into and is something new. It is terrifying and intriguing for me,” he said.

The gallery is open noon to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.  For more information, please call

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