Spring brings O’Riley’s cutbacks

 - Photo by Rachael Palinkas/Photo editor

Amber McKenna

For most, springtime at Linfield is marked by warmer classrooms and an increased number of outdoor events. However, for some dining services employees, spring is when many of their hours disappear.

Bill Masullo, general manager of Sodexho at Linfield, said the hours of workers in O’Riley’s café are shortened annually because of a lower on-campus student population.

“In the spring, revenue is less, and we have to make adjustments,” he said.

Although this is Masullo’s first spring at Linfield, the cutback occurs every year. Workers, whose schedules are subject to reallocation, were offered hours in different positions with campus dining services, such as catering and working in Dillin Hall. All who were approached with the options of alternative hours declined.

Dimitri Davis has been an employee of dining services for almost four years. He said it was recently mandated at O’Riley’s that there be less student worker hours.

“Changes were attempted to be arranged, but most people’s schedules don’t have a lot of flexibility, and a lot of hours had to be cut,” Davis said.

He said a student he works with at O’Riley’s had most of his hours cut because he was unable to work different hours in place of his previous ones.

“The problem is that (dining services) takes on student workers at the beginning of the year or semester and get their schedules set around their classes,” Davis said. “It is kind of unfair to cut hours halfway through the term.”

Masullo said Dillin is still in need of more workers in the evenings, and although hours for employees have changed, operating hours for all campus dining services remain the same.

“We have 100 students working for us and we try to create a situation that fits        all the different needs,” Masullo said.

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