My Reality: Life as a Senior

Kelly Copeland

I have never been one to procrastinate. I’m not one of those people who can bust out an essay at 11 p.m. the night before it was due. Sure, I can write a news story on deadline, but that doesn’t count as procrastination. Unlike many of my friends, I don’t get any satisfaction from puttin things off until the last minute. In fact, I get really nervous about it. But being a senior, I have finally been able to let myself procrastinate.

            Actually, now that I think about it, my procrastination is more likely senioritis. I don’t like to say I have lost my enthusiasm for college, but rather for homework. I am finding it harder and harder to motivate myself to do any sort of work! I enjoy all of my classes when I am there, but the “work” part of it is harder and harder to do. Does anyone else feel the same way?

            The funny thing about my newfound “senioritis” is that it has only developed in the last few weeks. I have been so busy every other semester of my college career that I think I have finally hit my maximum homework level. I simply cannot read another chapt-Ooh! Will and Grace is on! Gotta go! 

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