Mentors motivate artist’s imagination

- photo by Paoline-Anne Abulencia/For the Review

For sophomore Kara Fertello, art is a family affair

Julia Long

Inspired by the combination of her father and a high school art teacher when she was younger, sophomore Kara Fertello has acquired a unique sense of creativity.

“My teacher was this
funny four-and-a-half-foot lady who really encouraged us to use our own creative style,” Fertello said. “Art class was definitely my favorite time of day in high school because there weren’t any rules or boundaries to what you could do.”

Her father has a natural knack for drawing and likely passed the art gene on to his daughter. He inspired Fertello’s interest in early childhood by involving himself in her endeavors and helping critique her work.

Bright colors and evocative images tend to be the framework behind Fertello’s projects.

The Fertello family frequents Hawaii to reunite with relatives, and the scenery of the area is often translated into her artwork. Warmer tones and elements pertaining to the beach seep into many of her pieces.

“I like to take photographs or pictures of all my favorite places in Hawaii, and then recreate them in some way,” Fertello said. “I’m inspired by places that bring back good memories when I look at them.”

Fertello finds the most motivation when she aims to present her work to someone as a gift. Her proudest piece came in the form of a Christmas present to a friend, which was later framed and displayed in his house by his mother. The piece was a bright and exotic picture of a toucan done in oil pastels, typical of her style.

Fellow art students and those familiar with Fertello’s work can attest to her talent.

“Arming Kara with a paintbrush is like giving Clark Kent a cape…nothing can stop them,” sophomore Franky Martin said.

Challenges arise when Fertello attempts to stray from her familiar methods of expression. She finds difficulty in trying to communicate ideas in ways outside of her usual manner. 

With art classes and a work-study job in the woodshop, Fertello hopes to obtain better grasp of different artistic styles and to rein in her existing skills. She has hopes for applying what she gains in college toward a career in the visual aspect of advertising, and to make her father and high school teacher proud. 

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