Editor’s Blog: Behind the Scenes of Last Week’s Issue

Jillian Beaudry

Last week my newsies were on top of their game and made life, and production night, very easy. We decided to do another color issue because we have plenty left in the budget, and the graphics for the pet peeve feature ran much better. The Greek Week chariot race photo played nicely with the Indian children on page one, and I was really happy with that. We had a lot of great content as well.

My favorite story hands down was the myth this week by Jordan Jacobo. He found out that football was banned at Linfield, and it was reinstated on the same day President Riley announced Mrs. Linfield’s gift and renamed the college in her honor. It was neat to see that Wildcat football is really inbred with the college.

My favorite arts story was “High School Musical,” but probably only because I’m excited to see it.

Despite getting out an hour later than usual, all of our hard work paid off and this is one of my favorite issues of the year.

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