Editor’s Blog: Behind the scenes of last week’s issue

Jillian Beaudry

We decided to do another full-color issue and I am so glad we did. The photos from the International Fair and diversity week were so good. It also made our tribute to Linda Burris a bit more special. Last week we also received the ONPA ward for general excellence, the top award of that competition. We have also received awards for design, writing, photos and comics and we can’t wait to see if we get any more!

Despite a slow start on Thursday that had me feeling a little down, we still managed to walk out around 2 a.m. I like to think it’s because our photo editor had an assistant this week who was a huge help. However, thirds came to me all at once, which actually hasn’t happened for a while, so the section editors had to sit around for a little bit while I read them.

We have also been having staff writers come in and help correct first drafts and to get to know them a bit better. I hope this will get them excited about applying for a staff position next year. Not a ton of the staff is returning for different reasons, and next year will be a rebuilding year, just like a sports team. They will struggle because their staff won’t be stacked full of experienced seniors, but they will learn and get through the year. The next should be better.

Our new staff writers showed their stuff and proved they are extremely worthy. Check out Mary’s story in news and Casey’s in arts. Both are wonderful and we are happy they are giving the editors some relief.

I am still loving our Linfield myth series and I hope we can keep coming up with new ones to debunk. I have also been loving our photo spreads in the news section on page 6. They turn out so well and really complement the feature on page 7.

Sports pages came out pretty easy too last week, and Tyler is getting so much more efficient and gaining a better understanding of layout and photos, which rocks. I wish we could have included more special touches on Linda’s pages, but for some reason the editor just didn’t want to. When pages come to me around 11:30 p.m., sometimes it’s too late to make major changes. I have to pick my battles each week.

Stacey and I interviewed applicants for the new editor and managing editor. They will be announced this week and they will have a lot of work ahead of them. The budget is due in about a week and they have to interview and hire their new staff in three weeks. Oh, transitions and changes are FUN!

Questions? Comments? E-mail me at jbeaudr@linfield.edu.

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