Editor’s Blog: Behind the scenes of last week’s edition

Jillian Beaudry

Last week’s paper was the most difficult of the semester because evryne was bogged down with midterms and a lack of enthusiasm because it was Spring Break. We ended up tuning out an OK issue, but there are no layouts or stories that I am in love with. It kind of just seemed run of the mill. Hopefully this next week we will be able to get a bit more excited about bringing you all the news in a more creative way.

Although, we did have one MAJOR accomplishment: I walked out at 1:40 a.m., the earliest ever. We are now officially a well-oiled newspaper machine.

We are having another problem, we lost another writer and a couple more needed to take the week off. I am happy to give writer’s breaks, but it is so hard on the rest of the staff. We have to compensate and some editors take on two or three stories each week that we are under staffed. I want to continue to provide a lot of stories about different things, rather than four per section. Its tough to be overworked.

How can you help? Please write for us. We need people to write once a week. No experience necessary. Please e-mail me asap if you are interested at jbeaudr@linfield.edu.

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