EDITORIAL: Review staff opportunities abound

Jillian Beaudry

Stacey Barchenger

Here at the Review, we can be a pretty needy bunch of people. We constantly ask you all to suggest story ideas, visit our new Web site and give us your feedback. But, we have been away on Spring Break for two weeks and are ready to ask something new: Do you want to work for us?

Spring is an exciting time for our staff. We have gotten through most of the kinks of production night, and we work diligently to continue to bring new ideas and issues to you.

Also, spring is the season for hiring. Staff members are abuzz talking about what position they want, what pages they could design and what stories they could write.

It takes a lot to put this little
16-page wonder together every week, but production has improved drastically in the last two years. While editors once had to work until 6 a.m. each Friday morning to have the paper on newsstands by 2 p.m., we are now walking out at 1:50 a.m. on Friday. Many of us can actually stay awake in class and at our jobs
on Fridays now!

Is working for the Review a commitment? Absolutely. Just like any other sport or club, working for the newspaper takes time each week, but you always get to decide how much.

Simply being a staff writer means writing one story each week. A staff photographer will be assigned a campus event or two to shoot. Section editors work with writers throughout the week, write stories and work production night on Thursdays.

There are definitely perks that come with the job. We’re talking free Quizno’s and other food on Thursdays; a stipend to help you pay your bills; the chance to fly to newspaper conferences and meet other college journalists; the ability to compete in contests against other newspapers across the nation and in Oregon; and the satisfaction of seeing your name in print each week.

Usually, we receive applications for section editors only from mass communication students, which is pretty sad because we need a more diverse staff to best cover the news.

We are looking for students who are willing to learn, have a great attitude and will be dedicated. We do not require that you be a computer genius, design whiz or AP Style master to take on these positions. Of course, it always helps to have been on newspaper or yearbook staff in high school, but we train each other so well that those without experience pick it up quickly.

On Student News, we have posted an application to be editor in chief or managing editor of our beloved paper next year, and it is exciting. Those selected will begin hiring their new staff this month, as the editor and managing editor decision will be made April 24.

I hope this gives you all enough time to think about what you could do for our school and for yourself by working with the Review. You will have the chance to meet people in our community you never would have otherwise, know all of the real behind-the-scenes news before everyone else and become an expert on certain topics.

There are so many ways to get involved with the paper, and we need staff writers most of all. No need to apply for that position, simply e-mail review@linfield.edu to let us know you are interested and what section you would like to write for. We know there are many sports fanatics out there on campus, and we need you! If you know a lot about what’s going on in the art, theater or music departments, we especially need you to fill us in on what is happening on the arts scene.

Inquire at any time to be a staff writer or photographer and look for section editor applications as soon as possible after
April 24. We want students of all ages and majors. We want you to help our paper continue to improve and win bigger awards. How’s
that for neediness?

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