A Democratic Discussion

Dominic Baez

News Editor 

Despite having to leave an hour early, standing in line for another hour and sitting in the overcrowded bleachers at McMinnville High School with Amber for another two hours, I can happily say that I got to listen to former president Bill Clinton speak about the American economy.
The point of this blog this week? Go see your presidential candidate in person if at all possible. It is way worth it.
Yeah, Clinton was pretty much amazing. The man is an excellent speaker and he was definitely able to get his point across; not that I needed to be pushed in Hillary’s direction. I was fairly impressed with how he pushed the audience’s buttons in just the right way. I mean, I know politicians are notoriously known for being smooth talkers, but Bill was superb.
His platform, which was a plug for Hillary’s campaign in every sense of the word, revolved around the destabilizing economy and how Hillary plans to alleviate the situation. Specific topics included universal health coverage, No Child Left Behind and renewable energy. It sounded like my Information Gathering class; my friends are covering these topics.
As I sat there, trying to avoid touching the lady next to me, I listened to the proposals Bill made. I consider myself an informed guy, especially since I’ve been writing about Hillary for weeks now. I also check the platforms of Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain, just for comparison reasons. But there is nothing like actually sitting down¬¬ – or hovering slightly as to not touch the creepy person on your right – and listening with your own ears to the issues that will determine who will be the 44th president of the United States.
To iterate, it does not matter who you want to vote for; just go see them in person. I hear there are talks for a debate between Hillary and Barack right here in little ol’ Oregon. That would be most amazing. For more information regarding Hillary and her campaign, especially the Oregon Compact, visit www.hillaryclinton.com.
But hey: Don’t take my word for it. Everyone has their own opinion; it’s why I’m writing this blog. Let me know how you feel. But until then, remember this: Think for yourself. It’s normally the best course of action.

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  1. John Dedrick // April 28, 2008 at 2:40 pm //

    Vote! No matter what your beliefs. Educated people need to vote.

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