‘High School Musical’ breaks free from status quo, starts something new

Dominic Baez

News Editor

“I’ve always wanted my life to be a musical; this is pretty close,” junior Justin Roisom said. He is participating in the Gallery Theater’s production of Disney’s “High School Musical.”

“High School Musical” is a story about a popular jock and a sweet intellectual who discover their love for singing and each other. The plot falls into a high school cliché, dealing with status quos, love and the oh-so-important championship basketball game.

Roisom and juniors Jasmine Klauder and Brittney Hoskisson are playing lead roles in the production: Roisom as Ryan Evans, Klauder as Sharpay Evans and Hoskisson as Gabriella Montez.

Tryouts were in early February. Though practices were slow at first, two and a half hours, four nights a week, Roisom and Klauder both said they are feeling the strain now that rehearsals are going full-swing at four hours a night, six days a week.

“It was always a little difficult,” Klauder said. “It is starting to get harder now, and it’s hard to manage my time. But we have a great director (who) is willing to work with us.”

The production is directed by Adam Ewing, who is making his debut at the Gallery Theater.

Roisom said acting in this type of play is something he has wanted to do for a long time, though the opportunity had never presented itself before. Klauder has been in involved with singing and acting since she was young.

“This was a great way to get involved in the McMinnville community in a different way,” she said. “I wanted to do some acting in college, but sports (made) it

Both had to sacrifice participating in track and field this year, but they said they were given new experiences, which was a fair tradeoff. 

This was Roisom’s first show, and he said he did not know what to expect when rehearsals began.

“It’s been a brand new experience,” he said. “(Klauder and I) started watching the movie before we tried out. We even memorized the dance to ‘We’re All in This Together’ by rewinding and pausing it a million times.”

Klauder, Hoskisson and Roisom are among the oldest actors in the play, with the majority of the cast still in high school.

“At least we have each other,” Roisom said. “It’s hard to relate when they are all younger than you. I think they thought we were intimidating.”

With opening night right around the corner and rehearsals winding down, both are ready to demonstrate their newly memorized lines and choreographed dances for friends and family.

“I am excited for the show in general,” Klauder said. “And for people I know to come and watch and for them to see a different side of me.”

The rest of the cast includes Jesus Gomez as Troy Bolton, Nick Quinteros, playing Chad Danforth and Jaimie Myer playing Taylor McKessie.

Tickets are now on sale and cost $15 for general admission, $13 for students and seniors. Seating is reserved.

The theater’s box office is open Tuesday through Friday, noon to 6 p.m. The first show is May 2.

“We’re ready to rock and roll,” Roisom said. “Everybody needs to come.”

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  1. there is nothing that could beat High School Musical 1. it is the best compared to Part 2 and Part 3

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