System glitches resolved

Dominic Baez

News Editor

Students were shocked to find they were unable to vote in the recent ASLC elections. Although elections are over, questions linger over whether the kinks in the new electronic system have been solved.

Several students complained of having problems with voting after the primary election, but senior ASLC Secretary Mae Swisher said she determined what the problem was relatively quickly and fixed the issue.

Many students signed waivers at the beginning of the year restricting the Registrar’s Office from releasing certain personal information to the public,  including the Lindex. Students who signed the forms were not originally on the list of eligible voters, Swisher said. The students were allowed to vote as long as they had their student ID with the yellow 2008 sticker on it.

“It was a privacy issue I wasn’t expecting,” she said. “My list was from earlier (that morning), and I knew it was current and up to date.”

Swisher also informed senators, who manned the voting booths throughout the day. Senators discussed at Monday’s meeting how to handle the situation if it were to occur again.

The new check-in             system runs through a Google program, allowing multiple polling booths to be operational at once. The Elections Committee’s goal was to increase voter turnout from last year, in which only 35 percent of the student body voted. In Tuesday’s election, 861 students voted.

Swisher proposed the idea of an electronic check-in system to the Elections Committee several weeks ago. The group suggested the idea to the Senate, and it was bombarded with questions as to how it would work. After an exhaustive question-and-answer session, the Senate approved the change.

Swisher said she would like to see more voting locations on campus now that the system links all of them together. However, she said it will be hard to find people to staff the stations, especially because Senators are normally the only ones who work them.

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