Skate Crew erupts on campus


- Graphics and photos by Ryan Gerdes

Ryan Gerdes

Graphics/ads designer

A skate crew on campus has erupted. Sophomores Franky Martin, Logan Hendershot and Dylan Steeves and junior Joey Cantania, among others, have been dedicating time to improve their skateboarding skills.

There is never a quiet moment when these guys skate, whether it’s at a park or on the street.  Everyone heckles and yells for each other no matter if they complete a trick or fall flat on their back. Here are some moments frozen in time that illustrate their commitment to the sport.


“Skateboarding got me through a lot: girls, deaths, hangovers. It’s man vs. mind; it’s all mental.”

-sophomore Franky Martin


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  1. Ann Martin // March 16, 2008 at 8:00 pm //

    Go Franky! I think it’s great that the Linfield Review is covering some alternative sports/hobbies/students. Thank you!

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