Passions drive new clubs to charters

Colin Jones

There are two new clubs on campus. Rugby Club and Skiing/Snowboarding Club have received temporary charters from the ASLC    Senate.

Sophomores Craig Sinclair and Ashlee Carter said there are two reasons to start a new club: to spread a passion and to meet a need         on campus.

Sinclair said he started the Rugby Club for selfish reasons. Until recently, he and a friend had been driving to Portland to play rugby, but the hour-and-a-half drive eventually became too much. So, he decided to establish a club on campus.

“It has the intensity of a NCAA sport with a (smaller) time commitment,” Sinclair said about his intercollegiate rugby club.

Sinclair ascribes a certain spiritual element to the game, and he is not the      only one.

Senior Mae Swisher described having the feeling of “I just played rugby!” after she joined Sinclair and others for their first practice on March 2.

Sinclair’s competitive edge is clear when he scoffs a bit at Swisher’s comment and points out Sunday’s practice wasn’t tackle rugby.

“We want everyone to have a good time, but we want to win,” Sinclair said.

“The more, the merrier” might as well be the motto for Carter’s new Skiing/Snowboarding Club. She started the club because she saw a need. Over January Term, she received funds from the Linfield Activities Board to take a van up to Mt. Hood for a day of skiing and snowboarding. Because of a mix-up, the Outdoor Club was taking up another van the same day. Even so, each group had a full load. The skiing/snowboarding class further proved to Carter there would be interest if she started the club.

“We all share the same interest, and it’s cheaper (through the club) than through the class,”                 Carter said.

Carter has already been approved for more funds to lead another trip on March 15. Interested students should sign up in the Campus Information Center.

Sinclair knows “the more, the merrier” idea is important and mentions the rugby season hasn’t started yet. Anyone who’s interested should contact him at

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