My reality: Life as a senior

Kelly Copeland

Being a senior is a lot of fun. I feel grown up and able to offer a lot of advice to younger students. One thing I remember from being in middle school, high school and even from my freshman year here at Linfield is the way I felt about the college seniors. I remember being in awe of all they accomplished and I never thought I would be a senior–it seemed so far away! Well, now that it is here, I am priviledged to be in the position of all of those fomer seniors I looked up to.
On Friday I am leaving to travel to Mexico with my church and a group of other local churches. There, we will engage in bible studies and build houses for poor families. On this trip will be about 40 high school students, and I am really excited to be a college leader. I remember how important of a role the college students played in my experience, and I am happy to do the same for them. I think it is important for younger students, both in high school and in the early years in college, to have a role model. I still appreciate all of my old college leaders, and I hope some day these students who go on the trip will feel the same about me.
I don’t have a lot to say in the way of this, except to urge you to be the role model for someone–get out in the community and volunteer somewhere that will give you the opportunity to work with younger students who might need a friend or someone to talk to. In the next week I will work really hard to set a good example, and I urge you to do the same. Even if you aren’t a college senior and are older, think of the role models you had when you were younger, and be that for someone else. It will help a lot of high school students who might need someone.
So be the rold model for a younger student, and even if you aren’t in the position to work with younger students, still be someone to look up to!

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