My reality: Life as a senior

Kelly Copeland
With my college experience coming to a close, I have been feeling a little more obligated to go to school-sponsored events to hang out with friends I don’t usually see, and to take advantage of my school fees! Unlike my sophomore and junior year, I feel more up to attending school functions outside of my regular activities and more interested in meeting new people. So far this semester I attended almost all of the men’s basketball home games, went to IM basketball games, and today I went to my first Women’s Issues Group (WIG) meeting.
As I attend more and more events, I feel like I am taking advantage of what is offered on campus. I also feel a little like I felt my freshman year.
If you think about it, when you come to college you go to a lot of events and you meet a lot of people. You attend every function available to you the first month or two because you want to experience what college life is like, and you want to make a lot of new friends. Freshman year is full of insecurities and uncertainties, and as a freshman I definitely took advantage of the activities to help find my place at Linfield.
After freshman year was over, everyone had found that group of friends to hang out with. We chose new roommates, joined clubs, maybe even figured out what major you are going to declare. We were in a new dorm, and life was great. I finally felt like I fit in, and I no longer had to go to that comedian alone on Friday night because I didn’t have anything better to do.
Sophomore year, at least for me, was the year of fraternities. As a girl who likes to dance and, I was always heading over to the fraternities on the weekends. They were (and I think they still are to a certain extent) the cool places to go on the weekends, so I never really went to other school-sponsored events. I spent more time in my room and off campus. I had found my group of friends and I didn’t feel the need to attend sports games or events sponsored by ASLC (sorry, guys).
Then there was junior year. By this time, I was living in the apartments. This was a whole new atmosphere, and although I was abroad for Spring Semester, I spent a lot of time in that apartment before I left. I had a living room with a couch, a kitchen, and because I was living in the Greens, I was partially isolated from everyone else. I went out occasionally to the comedian or illusionists, but I don’t think I attended a single CatCab or football game except for a few. I just didn’t have a huge desire to go out. Unfortunately, I didn’t turn 21 until Spring, so it was a rather boring semester because most of my friends could go out. Now that I think about it, I’m not sure why I didn’t go to more school-sponsored events. Isn’t that what you do when you are bored on a Friday night?
When junior year passes and you hit senior year, things change. I am in that mood where I have to take advantage of the activities because, in three months, I’m out of here. I have a new perspective on college and I feel bad because I didn’t do more in my other years. It sounds funny, but I really do feel like I did my freshman year. I want to meet new people so I can have the most fun I can. I attended the basketball games and I met new people, I cheered next to hard-core fans and I wore white on the white-out days and black on the blackout days. I had so much fun! I am more inclined at parties to say hi to someone I don’t know and I smile and say hi more often when walking down the sidewalk.
So why this change now? Why didn’t I see this in the years before and take advantage of the great activities on campus? Probably because I didn’t see the value of them, and I didn’t realize graduation would sneak up on me so fast. So all I can do now is go to all of those baseball and softball games, attend CatCabs and sit in on those comedians. I will go to Wildstock and have fun, because that is what college kids do. And since I will only be one for about three more months, I will have to attend A LOT of those!

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