Editor’s blog: Behind the scenes of last week’s issue

Jillian Beaudry

March 7 issue

It’s always nice when issues come out pretty smoothly, and this one definitely did. We walked out the door of the Renshaw lab at about 2:20 a.m. and it felt pretty good, considering we never left before 4 a.m. the past couple of years.

My favorite story of the issue had to be about the football coach and players who donated furniture and money to junior and single mom Darcy Thompson. I can truly say how proud I am to be a Linfield student and live in such a caring community. Of course it didn’t hurt my ego that they learned about it from reading the Review. :)

Lizzie did a great job on the tuition increase story. I’m glad she took it on because she is so great with numbers and very understanding. Students may be angry that they will have to pay a lot more, but she showed the benefits such as more safety officers and construction projects.

I was really nervous about the plagiarism story. It was spurred by something I had heard from a lot of professors and that tid bit led me to find this major discrepancy in the faculty. I say major simply because academic honesty and plagiarism are a huge deal. I wanted to know who decided my fate if I ever plagiarized and got caught, and I was so surprised to find out I may not even be sent to the judicial board. My name might never even be reported. This is scary. Students could be getting away with this over and over and we would never know.

Jordan’s feature on video games was well-written and insightful. I really hope that readers felt the same way. The layout wasn’t as creative as I thought we could have been, but it’ll do. I love the screen shot.

The arts section was fairly uneventful except for the piece on the art on the senior bench. I really hope they bring it back so this year’s graduating class can continue the tradition.

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