EDITORIAL:Blogging encourages feedback

Jillian Beaudry

Stacey Barchenger

This year, the Review has had many physical changes. As is common with each new editor in chief, he or she adapts the paper to make it special for the time they are in charge. This is something we hope student readers have noticed, especially since this semester we have created a new name plate on the front page to honor Linfield’s 150th birthday.

But how many of you have noticed our updated Web site? An editorial printed at the beginning of the semester served as the official unveiling of the Review’s new online space. We have had to work through kinks and uploading difficulties, but the site is up and running and waiting for students and staff to check it out.

Waiting” is the key word here. One of the most important features of the Web page is it allows online readers to leave comments. The old Web page was basic, and it is fair to say it was outdated. Newspapers are trying to keep up with new technology, and the Review is no exception. One way to do this is through online feedback and discussion.

Students can easily find thee-mail addresses of the writer of a story if they want to leave a personal comment. But how about leaving it on the public page instead?

In doing so, we may be able to directly contact or respond to you and publicly address a question other students have too. Or maybe something someone says will spark a discussion with another online reader. There have only been a few comments so far, and we want more.

Our staff has spent many hours of work and thought planning the new site, and we want you to take advantage of all we’ve done.

Another benefit of the Web site is the access to blogs. Each Monday, new blogs that aren’t available anywhere else give student perspectives on life as a senior at Linfield and being a Democrat. You can even read about the process of producing the Review each Thursday night in the Editor’s Blog.

You can leave comments about the Review in general, comments about things you would like to see printed on these 16 pages, or even comments about something you didn’t like. Although we try to avoid doing things that will draw loads of negative criticism, it happens, and we want to hear it.

We have created a space forstudents to let us hear, or read, their thoughts. So take advantage of it!

The Web page can befound at www.linfield.edu/linfield-review.

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