Bike rentals would provide escape

Rachael Palinkas

In desperation to enjoy the gorgeous weather that we’ve been having, I thought of an idea: In addition to the equipment the Linfield Activities Board has available for students to rent, it should also offer bicycles.

Being able to rent camping items is great, but think about going camping and taking a bike with you. You can ride some trails and enjoy the outdoorseven more.

Having bicycles available to check out would provide an alternate form of transportation for students on campus who do not have their own car or bike, such as international students, to further explore the McMinnville community.

Even if students do have cars, the desire to be outdoors can be overwhelming. A bike ride is always a good idea in times of great sunny weather. The simple task of going downtown becomes more pleasurable because the options to get there are increased and don’t have to include wasting the day in your car. Plus, you get to keep your awesome parking spot.

This addition would be beneficial and fun for many students on campus. Perhaps it may even encourage them to go beyond Linfield and explore the many things one can do in McMinnville, as there are far too many people at Linfield who don’t know the treasures this town holds.

If you have any ideas or support this one, let someone in the ASLC office know. Maybe if enough people are interested, something will happen.

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