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Dominic Baez

Another week, another controversial topic that’s sure to make someone a little upset somewhere along the way. This week, I decided to voice my opinion about abortion.
As a guy, I really don’t have to deal with this aspect of pregnancy, but I do have friends who have dealt with this issue. I try to be there for them, but it’s hard when they don’t know what to do. Some girls become pregnant and rejoice; others realize that this isn’t what they want and decide to get an abortion. I am a firm believer in choice: a woman should be able to decide what she wants to do, without crackpot religious fanatics getting in her way. I agree with most Democrats’ point of view of allowing abortion to be legal. It surprises me to think there are some people out there who would ban it, making it illegal altogether. While I myself am against late-term abortion, other than if it’s needed to save the mother’s life, that shouldn’t be a platform for others to use to ban abortion altogether. Who’s to say what is right for person is right for all people? Not the leader of the anti-abortion group, that’s for sure.
Another important area in this topic people need to consider is prevention measures. I know condoms and birth control can get expensive after awhile, but there is a reason why they are there. If you don’t use them and somehow, though some divine intervention, wind up pregnant, you really shouldn’t be surprised. Just think about what you want, what you can afford to do and what is right for you.
But hey: Don’t take my word for it. Everyone has their own opinion; it’s why I’m writing this blog. Let me know how you feel. But until then, remember this: Think for yourself. It’s normally the best course of action.

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