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Dominic Baez

All I know is that when I grow up, I would like to have a decent health insurance plan. I think most people want that. How can we have that, though, if most health care plans don’t even cover the people who need them most? I happen to think that is a little ridiculous.
I support Clinton’s thinking: an universal health care reform through insurance premium subsidy. She also feels that single-payer health care is unrealistic, which it is. I’ve talked to older friends and coworkers about this before, and I really can’t believe how much they have to pay just to be insured. Clinton also supports AIDS education and research and advocates expanding eligibility for the SCHIP program, expanding Medicare coverage and requiring all employers to contribute to the cost of their workers’ health care, which would be amazing steps forward in achieving her goal. She proposes expanding the Family and Medical Leave Act and barring insurers from rejecting patients with pre-existing conditions. I personally agree with all of these planned steps and would love to see them happen.
I even agree with Obama’s thinking that the government should provide health care for everyone. Even if the government can’t fund such a large operation solely on its own, it should make a conscious effort to start moving in that direction.
Why should hard-working people be left uninsured because they barely make enough to pay the rent, much less pay for insurance or medical bills? It really does not make any sense to me, especially since health-related issues are the number one cause of personal bankruptcy.
But hey: Don’t take my word for it. Everyone has their own opinion; it’s why I’m writing this blog. Let me know how you feel. But until then, remember this: Think for yourself. It’s normally the best course of action.

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