A Democratic Discussion

Dominic Baez
What to do…I have so little space and so many topics to discuss. Where to start? How about civil rights or abortion rights or gun control? How about this: crime and punishment. There’s a fun topic.
As a Democrat through-and-through, I believe there should be stricter sentencing for hate crimes. Oh, and I believe in the death penalty. Call me barbaric or cruel, but I really don’t care. It horrifies to me think that a murderer can be released on parole after seven years and those who commit hate crimes might only receive community service or a brief sentence in jail. This is one of the many reasons I support Clinton for president. She is honest in how feels about these topics. Of course, the other candidates have their points, most of which even happen to make sense, even to someone as stubborn as myself.
I agree with Clinton’s thinking: We really need stricter and more justified sentencing, and not just for hate crimes, either. However, there is no need to be rash. I am true believer in the doctrine “innocent until proven guilty” and there aren’t any reasons why everyone suspected of committing a crime should be lethally injected on the spot. There is a balance that must be struck, and I think Hillary is on that track.
But hey: Don’t take my word for it. Everyone has their own opinion; it’s why I’m writing this blog. Let me know how you feel. But until then, remember this: Think for yourself. It’s normally the best course of action.

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