My reality: Life as a senior

Kelly Copeland

*This blog, titled “Life as a senior” will follow my last three months in college. I will write about my final semester activities, the dreaded job search and I will most likely freak out a little more as time progresses. I hope you enjoy it, and if you ever have a question for me, or want me to talk about a certain topic, let me know at Happy reading!

I can’t believe it, I am a senior in college and I am graduating in three months! To be quite honest, graduating scares me and is a lot more intimidating than graduating from high school ever was. In college, you still have the comfort blanket over you. You are supposed to go to class on a regular basis, you have an adviser who will help you plan your next move, and you always have friends close by. The hardest thing is maybe juggling extra curricular activities and classes while still having fun. But no, the transition from college to post-college life is a huge difference.
Like a lot of my friends who have graduated and are graduating from Linfield, I am not planning on attending grad school in the near future. So therefore I am going out into the work field–into real life. I have to be an adult. Before this semester I didn’t really feel like a senior, much less an adult (actually today I had to check a box that actually said “adult,” and not just an age range!). Sure, I live in the HP Apartments, I had to write a capstone paper and graduation e-mails come to my inbox, but until job applications started to become a necessity, I didn’t really see graduation, real life and being an adult as my reality.
For the last few months I have been researching internships for the summer, writing resumes and cover letters and putting together newspaper clips. It is a really overwhelming process because I realize that everything I have learned since I came to Linfield is finally being put to the test. I have to figure out how to write my cover letters so potential employers will want to give me a job. And it’s hard! So far I have applied for four internships, and of those four, I have been rejected by three. But, what gives me hope is that I have a second interview for an internship I really want. (I’ll keep you posted on that as I find out more).
As much as I want the internship, I am a little apprehensive because it means I will have to leave Linfield, the place that I have felt comfortable for the last few years, and fend for myself. I want so badly to have a job when I graduate, but the idea is still really scary because it is so unknown. Part of me wants to stay in town, work at the same job I have had for almost seven years and hang out with my friends.
But, like everyone has to do, I have to grow up. I know I can do it, but the idea of being an adult kind of snuck up on me. I think it really hit me when my answer to the question of “what are your plans after graduation?” changed from “well…I’m not really sure,” to “Well, I have an interview and I am applying for other internships.” Because now I am one step closer to having to accept that I am growing up.

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