My reality: Life as a senior

Kelly Copeland
After six semesters on campus, one abroad and two Jan term courses, you would think I would have developed the fine art many other students have done so well at: procrastination. But no, I have never been able to master this skill. It might be the fact that I have always had really difficult classes that require me to be on top of my assignments and about 10 extra things to do every day.
Well, I think this semester I am finally starting to get the hang of it. It’s a shame, isn’t it? Just when I am finally on the brink of graduating. One perk I am enjoying in my last semester is the light class load. Having only three classes really cuts down on how much time I spend in my apartment doing homework. This week was particularly slow, and I thoroughly enjoyed procrastinating (does that defeat the purpose of procrastination, the fact that I wait until I’m not so busy?) So, in honor of my newfound procrastination, here is a rundown of what I should have been doing and what I was doing instead:
Monday: When I should have been working on resumes for summer internships, I decided I wanted to read. There is this great book called “The Glass Castle,” by Jeanette Walls that I have been reading, so instead of working on resumes or reading for class, I read. But even better, when I got home from work, I got an unexpected treat: Two of my best friends and roommate were hanging out on the couch, watching the most awesomely bad show EVER: My Redneck Wedding. Oh, the trashiness that show exudes… and it was WAY better than working on cover letters. We even escaped to Albertson’s for some yummy ice cream bars while Justin lay sleeping on a chair.
Tuesday: This day was particularly busy for me. Even though I don’t have class until 12:40, I seem to fill up the hours before class with random things anyway, reading the news, cleaning out my inbox, reading posts on studentforum, etc. When I really should have been working on my newspaper story, I was perusing Facebook and looking at pictures of my friends who are studying abroad. I shopped for a while on and I cleaned my room. Then later, instead of reading for Creative Writing, I watched Harry Potter: Prisoner of Azkaban. Of course, I stayed up until 1:15 reading, but that’s beside the point.
Wednesday: Instead of working on my newspaper story even though it was due at 5 p.m. the same day. I made a Facebook group for the Sesquicentennial time capsule (which you should visit and submit your ideas!) and invited more than 100 of my friends, and I spent about half an hour looking for pictures of time capsules to add to the page. Exciting, huh?
After I started writing this, I realized that is the only procrastinating I can remember doing. Sad. I need to learn how to be a real college student!

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