Editor’s blog: Behind the scenes of last week’s issue

Jillian Beaudry

This past week’s issue took an entire month (or more) of planning. I knew it would be neat to do a special edition for the anniversary of the college and back in December Stacey and I decided to recreate an old issue for the front page.
A ton of news happened over Jan Term so the news section was really easy to fill. It was fun to see the graphics of what Northrup Hall will look like and we knew the readers would like it too. The front page looks so great, maybe better than I expected, and it took Ryan four hours to draw the title up top. He recreated it from a photo of the 1928 issue.
It was also absolutely necessary to write about the death of the Old Oak, so we made it the main feature. We played with the idea of using an old photo of the oak in front of Pioneer and cutting the tree out leaving a white hole and chalk outlines, but the photo of it on the ground with the roots exposed was too intense to not use it. I actually got a chance to touch the old tree when I looked at it behind facilities and it was so clearly sick. The wood literally crumbles off in your hands as you try to grab the spongy wood. The story about the death of Professor Clem Ady was also necessary and I can’t believe how dreamy he was when he was younger. He was loved by his students, and Kelly did a great job of showing his character through the story. The inclusion of students’ letters was also nice.
The arts section was actually very easy to fill (for once). I love how the makeup feature turned out, and Claire’s story really captured Marcia’s laid-back style. We don’t often play with the layout design in the arts section, so I think we are starting something new.
The sports section is never my favorite because it has been so hard to get photos this year. I liked that we played with the cut out of the baseball player on page 16, but I wish we had cropped our photos better and run them bigger.  It always seems to be a struggle to get a dominant photo on the page.
If you have any questions or comments about this week’s issue, please feel free to comment below or send me an e-mail at jbeaudr@linfield.edu.

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