24 Hours in Mac


- photo by Kelly Copeland/Assistant Editor 

By Dominic Baez, News Editor

A friend is coming to visit this Saturday. How will you entertain him or her? A one-hour drive separates this town from the hustle-and-bustle of Salem, shopping in Portland and the beautiful Oregon Coast, but who needs to go that far?

McMinnville is a small town in the middle of Oregon’s wine country, and there are plenty of other options for a fun visit.

Don’t forget your camera!

8 a.m. Harvest Fresh Grocery and Deli, 251 NE 3rd St.

Who can start the day without a little boost? There is no better place in town for a healthy morning snack than Harvest Fresh. This local store has organically grown foods, hormone-free meat and fresh seafood, among other healthy choices. Stop in and grab a drink or energy bar. This store is not for those who want to wake up to a greasy McDonald’s meal at 8 in the morning.

9 a.m. Wellness Trail, Linfield campus

Now that you’re energized and ready to go, it’s time for a run to wake you up. Make your way back to campus, don your running gear and hit the Wellness Trail. Exercise is good for you!

10 a.m. Honest Chocolates,

313 NE 3rd St.

Everyone loves chocolate, but how many people get to see it being made? McMinnville is home to Honest Chocolates, a shop that hand-dips its delicious masterpieces, makes them in front of your eyes and has a special line of chocolates made with wine from local wineries. They serve a variety of chocolates, including Dark Chocolate Almond Walnut Butter Toffee and Milk Chocolate Coffee Hazelnut Firm Ganache. All chocolates cost approximately $10 for an eight-ounce bag—and you can get a variety.

11 a.m. Walnut City Lanes, 1800 East St.

Bowling is a must, no matter how dorky it might seem. The smelly shoes, matching league shirts, and obnoxious old men yelling down at the other end are priceless. It’s a rite of passage for growing up. Since the invention of the Nintendo Wii, with its addictive bowling simulation, no one feels the need to go outside his or her living room. Not in McMinnville!

Noon Third Street Pizza Company, 433 NE 3rd St.

The walls of this pizza parlor are covered with one gigantic comic strip, which will help when conversation topics become scarce. Food options include pizza, calzones, salad, spaghetti and more. The buffalo wings are a good choice. It is not too expensive; expect to pay $15 for a lunch for two, depending on what you get.

1 p.m. Discovery Meadows Park, 1300 SW Cypress Lane

Swings and lots of grass to roll around on—how can life get any better? It’s time to work off that pizza by bringing out your inner child and letting loose all over the park. Remember when you were young and you liked to swing as high as you could, then jumped off and see how far you could fly? Now would be an excellent time to see if you have improved since you were 10. Or, you could start at the top of one of the grassy hills and race your friends by rolling down the hills.

2 p.m. Evergreen Aviation Museum,

500 NE Captain Michael King Smith Way

Now that you have had your exercise, hop in the car and make your way to the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum, one of the most famous attractions in town. The Spruce Goose is a modern marvel and enormous—you really can’t miss it. You have the option to check out the museum or hit the IMAX theater and see “Sea Monsters 3D.”

3 p.m. Pier 1 Imports

2350 NE Highway 99W

By this point, you must be exhausted from the day’s activities. But why just go back to your room and sleep in your own bed?  Instead, take a drive to Pier 1 Imports. Along with selling decorations and accessories, Pier 1 also has the most comfortable chairs and sofas you will ever find. Try them out. If you were to fall asleep, it wouldn’t really be your fault, now would it? See how long it takes before the staff kicks you out.

4 p.m. PETCO

2370 NE Highway 99W

You’ve just been kicked out of Pier 1 for loitering. PETCO is just a few doors down. Chirping birds and squeaking hamstersmake you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Go play with the adorable animals to your heart’s content. Please wash your hands when you are done, as dinner is next. Warning: Animals do bite. If they do, you should have that checked out, no matter how hilariously funny your friends may find the situation.

5:30 p.m. Umberto’s Italian Cuisine,

828 NE Adams St.

Head over to Umberto’s Italian Cuisine. Italian food is the best for a hungry stomach. The restaurant serves most anything you could want at an Italian restaurant: pasta, lasagna, pizza, salad and soups, among other delicious fare. The atmosphere is calm, though a little heavy on the music. Plan on a $30-35 check for two; it can get a little expensive.

7:30 p.m. McMinnville Gallery Theatre

210 NE Ford St.

Now you’re stuffed from that delicious Italian food and it’s time to get a little classier. Head over to the Gallery Theatre to catch a showing of “Nunsense.” A nun accidentally poisons some of her sisters. You can’t go wrong with a hilarious story involving nuns. You might want to show up early to get a nice seat, or you might have to fight tooth-and-nail with someone’s grandmother. You decide if it is worth it.

10 p.m. McMinnville Cinemas

2725 NE Tanger Drive

Re-enter the world of pop culture and hit the movietheater. “Jumper,” “Vantage Point,” “Definitely, Maybe,” “Fool’s Gold” and “Atonement” are all playing right now. Grab a more friends and some popcorn. Add chocolate into the mix and a 44-ounce soda and call it good. With everything college students have to do in a day, it’s always nice to get lost in a fantasy world every once in a while.

12 a.m. Glacial Erratic Rock, off OR 18, 6 miles east of Sheridan, along Oldsville Road

Everyone needs to get back to nature every now and then, even if it is midnight. Take a moonlit drive out to Glacial Erratic Rock for some amazing star gazing. Who says you can’t appreciate nature’s beauty? Take a blanket or some jackets, as it can get cold, even in the spring.

1 a.m. Jae’s Landing Sports Bar and Grill

2121 NE 27th St.

For those 21 and over, it’s time to hit the bars. First stop: Jae’s Landing Sports Bar and Grill. The bar has a variety of lagers, pale ales, bottle beer, malt beverages and wine to satisfy any taste, plus a plethora of cocktails. If you are still hungry, you can get appetizers or a full meal like a hamburger, fries and a drink. Either way, your wallet won’t be sad come tomorrow morning. Non-smokers beware: The bar allows smoking and can get a little stuffy.

2 a.m. McMenamins Grand Hotel/Rooftop Bar

310 NE Evans St.

It’s almost 2 in the morning now. You hear the last call. Make sure you stop by McMenamins and go up to the Rooftop Bar before it closes. Try some of McMenamins’ specialty ales or grab something to eat if you didn’t get anything at Jae’s. Try the Communication Breakdown Burger or the Hogshead Chicken Sandwich. The food is a little expensive, with the average plate around $10, so I advise you to just get drinks from the bar. Besides, the view at the top is amazing—you can see all ofdowntown Mac.

3 a.m. Muchas Gracias or Shari’s Restaurant,

220 NE 12th St. and 1200 NE Baker St.

Something most Linfield students partake in is the late-night trip down Highway 99W to Muchas Gracias or Shari’s. However, make sure to travel in groups for safety, and arrange a designated driver, if necessary.

Both of these establishments are open 24 hours a day. Shari’s offers an entire menu, with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some signature meals are the Original Manhattan Deli Reuben sandwich, Chile Lime Flat Iron Steak Salad and Garlic-Mushroom Swiss Burger.

Muchas is a Mexican-inspired restaurant, with its specialty being the Oregon burrito. There are only so many places in town you can go at this hour, especially if you’re hungry.

4 a.m. Winco Foods, 2585 NE Highway 99W

Where do you go when you’re not hungry and it is 4 a.m.? Try Winco. Visit the magazine area and check up on your latest gossip, the newest fashion trends or figure out what to cook for dinner tomorrow. Or maybe wander through the bulk candysection. The store sells some amazing gummy bears you will become addicted to. Try them—you’ll love ’em.

5 a.m. Watch the sunrise

Linfield College, Football field

Your day is finally starting to wind down. It’s time to watch the sun rise. Take a walk along the railroad tracks by the college and enjoy the peaceful view of the sun rising in the east.

6 a.m. Leann’s Lattés, 2375 NE 99W

You saw the sun rise, that’s how you know it’s early: Time for some coffee, or a lot of it. Leann’s Lattés, down by Wal-Mart, is open and serves mochas, lattés and cappuccinos. Pick up a cup of your favorite java. After the previous activities, you can probably use all the caffeine you can get.

7 a.m. Walgreens, 603 SE Baker St.

We’ve come to the end of this little adventure. Head toWalgreens. Here, you can have your pictures developed at the one-hour photo center. Try and stay awake until your pictures are done: play with the toys, read the funny birthday cards or play a game of shopping-cart jousting. Just do something to keep your eyelids open.Congratulations, you made it!

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