Nuclear dismantlement is a critical step toward weapons reduction

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Renovations continue as part of Strategic Plan

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Interviews factor heavily into abroad selection process

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New Linfield PLACE themes announced

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Linfield strives to make gender-neutral options

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Linfield gives interviewing advice

The interviewing process can be one of the most terrifying parts of finding a job. You may have all the necessary qualifications, but if you can’t articulate exactly why you’d be the perfect for a job, it is a little difficult for the employer to take you seriously.

The Career Development Center here at Linfield has various tips to help with the interviewing process. It also conduct mock interviews for students in its office and send out newsletters to help with anything career-related. You can visit for more information.

Preparation before the interview is incredibly important. You can’t show up to an interview not knowing what position you’re applying for and what this position entails. The Career Development Center has a handy brochure on interviewing tips such as “Practice your firm handshake” and “Research the company and know responses to commonly asked questions.” Though personality plays a huge role in what position fits you the most, the key to making a good first impression is also professionalism in appearance.

“The right clothing reflects your respect for the interviewer and company. Start your interview strong with a well-prepared elevator pitch, which answers the ‘tell me about yourself’ question,” said student assistant Ben Berthold in the November issue of the Career Center’s November 2013 newsletter.

The interview itself is the point where many, even the most prepared, could possibly falter. Confidence is key during an interview. In the November/December 2012 newsletter, Berthold advises students to be honest within their interviews even during the dreaded question all interviewees have to face, “What is your weakness?”

“With the right wording, you can turn a negative statement into a positive one. To answer, give an example about a skill you may not have had in a past experience, but that you worked hard to improve on — just to show them that your approach is a serious one, and that you like to grow when faced with challenges,” Student assistant Aparna Parasarthy said in the October 2013 newsletter.

At the same time, the Career Development Center’s brochure on interviewing mentions that the interviewer shouldn’t be the only one asking questions. You should have a few questions of your own prepared for the interviewer, hopefully prepared from when you researched the employer.

As the interview finishes, there is still time to make first impressions. The brochure advises students to give the interviewer a firm handshake and make eye contact. Body language is a good thing to focus on during and after the interview. It also advises to write a thank you letter. Employers want to know that their time has been appreciated. After you’ve left, remember to jot down a few notes from the interview. It’d be a good thing to remember what was discussed.

Gilberto Galvez/Features editor

Gilberto Galvez can be reached at

Baseball remains top in the conference

It was another wild weekend for the Wildcat baseball team who improved their conference record to 27-3 with three wins against Pomona-Pitzer.

The ’Cats blew out Pomona-Pitzer in the first game with a 16-4 win. In the first inning, senior Nick Fischer hit a home run giving the Wildcats a 2-0 lead going into the second inning. Without any response from Pomona-Pitzer, Linfield earned another two runs in the bottom of the third inning with a double to right center by senior Clayton Truex and another RBI by senior Kramer Lindell.

However, it was in the bottom of the fifth and sixth where the Wildcats were truly able to claim their dominance. In the bottom of the fifth inning, the Wildcats earned six runs. The first two runs came from senior Nate McClellan with a single to right field. Then, sophomore Eric Lawson contributed an RBI while senior Jake Wylie hit a sacrifice fly putting the ’Cats up 10-0.  Likewise the sixth inning was also a six run inning with RBI’s coming from junior Jo Carroll, McClellan, Fischer, and a final home run by Wylie.

But it wasn’t over yet. The Wildcats had another game to complete in their double header against Pomona-Pitzer. To no avail, Linfield earned another win 13-3 against Pomona-Pitzer advancing their overall season record to 26-3.

The first two innings remained stoic for Pomona-Pitzer and Linfield with no runs scored. Nonetheless, in the third inning, Truex hit a double to earn one RBI putting Linfield on the scoreboard 2-1. The ’Cats scored again in the bottom of the fourth with a single down the right field line by senior Kenny Johnson.

With the scoreboard tied 2-2, Linfield entered the sixth inning focused and ready. The ’Cats were able to score five runs in the bottom of the sixth with a sac bunt by Carroll, an RBI by Lawson and Johnson, and two more by Wylie. The seventh inning was very similar with two RBI’s from junior Chance Laboda and three from Wylie. They would finish the match with one more run from a sacrifice fly by Johnson.

In the last match against Pomona-Pitzer, the ’Cats earned a win with a score of 8-4. Five of the eight earned runs came in the bottom of the first inning with an RBI by Lindell, Lawson, John-son and two from Carroll. The next run came in the bottom of the seventh  with another RBI from Lindell in a single to center field. Pomona-Pitzer would fire back with a total of four runs, however, they would not be able to outmatch the Wildcats with the last RBI coming from Truex.

With the post-season coming up and the Wildcats on fire from three consecutive wins, there is no doubt that the ’Cats will be contenders for yet another NCAA title.

Casie Gaza/Senior sports reporter

Softball officially wins the Conference Championship

The softball team continues on their road to the National Championship with three wins and one loss this weekend against Willamette University.

For the first two games on April 12 the ’Cats faced off on their home field against the Bearcats. The two games were a back-to-back battle against the two teams.

There wasn’t a single run until the second inning when Linfield got three runs. Although the Bearcats got a run in at the fourth inning, they weren’t able to get another one before the end of the game. Linfield finished up the game with a run in the fifth inning.

The second game was much closer with the ’Cats only winning by one point, with a final score of 2-1.  Linfield got the first run in the first inning followed by a tied up 0-0 second inning. The bearcats were able to catch up in the third inning with a run making the score 1-1. The ’Cats were left hitless until the fifth inning where they got their last run of the game, finishing this intense game.

The next day Linfield travelled away Willamette University to play two more back-to-back games which the ’Cats won one and lost the other at, 16-2 and 2-10.

The softball team went back to their winning way with getting a run for every hit they made. The ‘Cats made at least one run every inning until the fourth neither team made a single run. Linfield had an explosive third inning with eight runs and five hits. The Bearcats got two runs and three hits the entire game, but where mostly shutout by pitchers senior Karina Paavola and junior Montana McNealy.

In the next game, Willamette  turned their performance around by letting the ‘Cats only getting five hits and two runs the entire game. The game started off slow with a beginning lead for Linfield with a run in the first inning, but then the Bearcats had an explosive fourth inning getting five runs. Willamette sealed the fate of the game in the sixth inning with four more runs.

The softball team finished their conference season and now moves towards the road to the NCAA III Finals. The ’Cats will next be playing at the NWC Tournament at home on April 18 and 19.

Stephanie Hofmann/Sports editor

Boxers trample ’Cats in back-to-back matches

Pacific University swept Linfield in all singles and doubles resulting in a 9-0 win April 11 at Pacific’s Holce Courts in Forest Grove, Ore.

“Friday was tough because of how strong the team is, they are one of the top teams in the conference from top to bottom,” said junior Lukas Kleinman, “I felt like Friday we played a little better as a unit and perhaps that was just because there was less pressure and it was the first match of the weekend.”

The Boxer’s are ranked 10th in the most recent Intercollegiate Tennis Association West region rankings.

At No. 1 singles junior Micah Roos lost to Pacific 6-2, 6-1. Freshmen Kelsey Rosborough was defeated by Pacific’s No. 2 singles player, 6-1, 6-1. At No. 3 singles Kleinman lost 6-0, 6-0. Sophomore Tim Hawkins fell to Pacific’s No. 4 singles player, 6-3, 6-1.

Pacific earned a victory over Linfield’s No. 5 singles player, freshmen Alec Wisthoff, 6-1, 6-0 and at No. 6 singles, sophomore Nick Konen lost to Pacific, 6-4, 6-1.

In doubles Pacific beat Linfield’s No. 1 duo, Kleinman and Rosborough, 8-4. At No. 2 doubles Hawkins and Roos lost 8-4 against Pacific. Wisthoff and Konen at No. 3 doubles also lost to Pacific, 8-1.

“As our coach described it, Friday was the best practice of the year because we were pushed. We learned that we still have to give 100 percent no matter how we are feeling or who we play,” Hawkins said.

After competing at Pacific University the Cats traveled to another Northwest Conference competition against Pacific Lutheran.

Pacific Lutheran defeated Linfield 8-1 on April 11 at the PLU tennis courts in Tacoma, Wash.

Linfield’s lone win came from Kleinman. Kleinman won 6-3 in the first set and earned a third-set victory over Pacific Lutheran’s No. 3 singles player, 6-3, 4-6, 1-0 (10-3).

“Saturday there was some disappointment in our early performance,” Kleinman said. “We came out very flat in doubles but showed more heart in singles and played through the heat and wind and fought hard.”

In the remaining singles, the Lutes won in straight sets against the Wildcats. At No. 1 singles, Roos, lost to Pacific Lutheran University, 6-3, 6-0. At No. 2 singles Rosborough lost to the Lutes, 6-3, 6-2.

At. No 4 singles, Pacific Lutheran earned a victory over Hawkins, 6-0, 6-0. At. No 5 singles, Pacific Lutheran won over Wisthoff 6-4, 6-1. At No. 6 singles Konen lost to Pacific Lutheran, 6-4, 6-2.

In doubles matches Pacific Lutheran dominated across the board. Kleinman and Rosborough lost at No. 1 doubles, 8-1. At No. 2 doubles Hawkins and Roos lost to Pacific Lutheran, 8-3. Konen and Wisthoff lost to PLU, 8-0.

“I think we learned that when we play with confidence and freely we are capable of elevating our games to the next level,” Kleinman said.

Coming up, the Linfield Wildcats go to eastern Washington to face Whitman College and then Whitworth University.

Rachael Gernhart/Staff writer

Women’s lacrosse fights to the end in tough away game

It was a tough but hard-fought match for the Linfield Lacrosse team who took another season loss to the Pacific University Box-ers on April 11 with a score of 18-4.

In the first half of the match, the Boxers scored twelve goals in comparison to Linfield’s three. All of the ’Cats goals in the first half came from junior Halee Helgerson. Helgerson’s first goal came from a foul on the Boxers and a clear shot at the goal. Her second goal came from an assist by team-mate, freshman Nicole Aguilar after a great ground ball pickup. Her third goal came from freshman Madilyn Bechtel in a clear at-tempt at the goal. Statistically, the team showed well defen-sively with six saves, and only seven turnovers.

However, the second half of the match was a different story with only six runs scored by the Boxers in comparison to the first half’s twelve. Linfield’s single goal came from senior Shelby Duarte with 5:36 left on the clock. With a save from goalie, sophomore Erika Phillipo, Duarte was on the move and with a clear attempt added one more goal to Linfield’s score. Although Pacific would continue on to score another two goals to finish the match, it was clear that the Wildcat defense was relentless with twelve turnovers in comparison to the Boxer’s 13 and four saves in comparison to the Boxer’s three.

Although the Wildcat Lacrosse team did not having a winning game, it is clear that they were true winners today. The Women’s Lacrosse team has one last match at home on April 14 against Loras College.

Casie Gaza/Senior sports reporter