Tipi painting brings students and Native Americans together

Art students in Totem Shriver’s class painted a tipi as part of an Arts and Visual Culture course, after a local woman, descended from the Lakota Sioux tribe, offered it as an art project.

“We steeped ourselves in the history and culture of Native Americans,” Shriver says, “and designed a medicine wheel for the canvas. Each direction has an element associated with it — mother earth, water, sky and fire.”

Tipi owner Kathleen Wallace asked that students include birds. “They are so free,” says Wallace. “Birds wind-dance.”

In a ceremony celebrating the finished painting, Jan Michael Looking Wolf, a Kalapuya Native, offered a flute song and blessing.

“We are one heart,” said the award-winning Native American flutist. “There is a place beyond all religions where everyone’s opinion is equally important. Diversity isn’t about everyone agreeing on things, but about agreeing that our hearts have the same significance.”

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