Teatro Milagro to perform at Linfield

The Mayan calendar and indigenous prophecies will be featured in an upcoming theatre production, “B’aktun 13,” performed by Teatro Milagro of Miracle Theatre at Linfield College.

The performance, in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, will be Friday, Sept. 28, at 7:30 p.m., in the Marshall Theatre in Ford Hall at Linfield.

“B’aktun 13,” written by Dañel Malán and directed by Matthew B. Zrebski, is an original, bilingual Miracle Theatre production. Swept up in an immigration raid and deported to Mexico, Rio, Luz and Sal are suddenly immersed into indigenous prophecies surrounding B’aktun 13, the final era in the Mayan calendar. In the Yucatan, they encounter Mayan deities Ixchel, goddess of water and moon, and Ahpuch, god of death, who lead the trio deeper into a mythological universe. Time revolves like a Mayan calendar as each must face the consequences of their pasts.

Following the performance, a discussion will be held to focus on the issue of The Art and Social Change illustrated in this production. The Miracle Theatre Group has been performing on the West Coast since its incorporation as a nonprofit organization in 1985. The organization’s outreach and performances give voice to issues affecting the local and national Hispanic community. Miracle Theatre also collaborates with local and regional human and social service agencies to address important issues impacting health, education and cultural sensitivity.

Cast members include Malán as well as Daniel Moreno, performer and workshop instructor; Ajai Terrazas-Tripathi, performer and workshop instructor; and Linfield alumna Tricia Castañeda-Gonzales, performer and workshop instructor. Castañeda-Gonzales is a 2009 Linfield graduate and earned her degree in theatre arts. The 2012 tour of B’aktun 13 is sponsored by the Oregon Arts Commission, Juan Young Trust, Bloomfield Family Foundation and the Ventura Group Inc.

The performance is free and seating is limited. It is sponsored by The Linfield Department of Theatre and Communication Arts, The Linfield Lacroute Art Series and Linfield Multicultural Programs. For more information, call 503-883-2802. The Marshall Theatre is fully accessible.