Survey says Linfield College one of top Oregon schools for ROI

Pioneer Hall at Linfield CollegeA new national survey shows which colleges offer the best return on investment. Out of 93 Oregon universities, colleges and professional schools, Linfield ranks sixth for high-quality education that leads to long-term payoffs in the workplace.

The Affordable Colleges Online survey compares tuition, average starting salaries after graduation and lifetime earnings to help students make informed decisions about where to enroll.

“It’s not surprising that Linfield College has a strong return on investment,” said Linfield President Thomas L. Hellie.

“Our liberal arts and sciences curriculum blends the theoretical with the practical, and our classes are small enough that professors can mentor individual students,” he said. “Our goal is to help each student discover his or her passion, and then create a path that fulfills that passion and leads to professional success. Internships, research and creative projects also play a big role in helping our students land jobs.”

The survey confirms earlier news stories about Linfield College, which is dedicated exclusively to undergraduate education. A 2010 column in The Washington Post placed Linfield among the top 15 schools in the nation for offering quality education at an accessible price. Linfield was also singled out in 2010 by The Huffington Post as one of seven U.S. colleges worth their tuition. The Post said Linfield offers innovation, diversity and a focus on quality teaching, all at an affordable price tag.

Survey results were based on comprehensive data from the National Center for Education Statistics, Integrated Post-Secondary Education Data System, Carnegie Foundation and

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