Linfield College 25th in nation for study abroad participation

Wildcats are taking the Linfield spirit around the world. The Institute of International Education ranked the college 25th among U.S. baccalaureate institutions for participation in study abroad. More than 68 percent of all Linfield students experience cultures and countries outside the U.S. as part of their education.

Linfield offers January Term and semester abroad studies for regular students and year abroad studies for foreign language majors. The school even provides the first round-trip air transportation and arranges stays with host families.

Classes this year included travels to Italy to learn about opera and to Spain to study art. A political science class looked at the relationship between religion and politics in Turkey and a physics class learned about how China is grappling with energy issues. Each year, many courses have a service component, with students and faculty providing healthcare, childcare or home construction in developing countries.

“Scholarly and humanitarian experiences in countries around the globe transform the lives of our students,” said Shaik Ismail, director of International Programs at Linfield College. “They also prepare them for a diverse, global marketplace.”

A survey from IES Abroad indicates that study abroad has numerous benefits. Almost all participants cited increased self-confidence, and 84 percent say the experience increased their interest in academic studies. Many said the experience influenced them to seek out a more diverse circle of friends and influenced their interactions with people from different cultures.

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