Students express thanks this holiday season

Students at Linfield’s Portland Campus responded anonymously to the question: What are you thankful for this season? Here’s what they said.

I am thankful for the mentors at Linfield College. Several faculty members have touched me and inspired me beyond words. I am grateful for their intelligence, their humanity and their dedication to teaching!

I am thankful for being a part of a community filled with the most selfless and giving individuals I have ever met.

I am thankful for being affiliated with a school that places such high value on community involvement, volunteerism and political activism.  It makes me feel proud to say I am a Linfield student.

I am thankful for the enduring friendships I have found with my classmates.

I am thankful for a Linfield Community that prides itself in the success of students.  It feels so much like a family here.

I am thankful for having professors who truly care!

As a mother with an infant, I am EXTREMELY thankful for the support of my professors.  My baby is thankful too … he just doesn’t know it yet!

I am thankful for the opportunity to go out into the community and work with the residents of Portland because it has given me a much deeper understanding of the struggles others go through.

I am thankful for the way that Linfield treats me as if we are blood relatives.

I am thankful for the treasured friends that I have made during my Linfield experience. Their friendship has helped me to endure the hardest of days and made the good days even better. They will be lifelong friends.