Linfield College students create community art, on a large scale

Linfield students paint community muralArt students in adjunct Professor Totem Shriver’s class took their project to the streets, painting and installing a large mural in McMinnville’s downtown historic district.

It’s their second mural project for Harvest Fresh Grocery and Deli. The first, a quirky painting dubbed “The Chicken Coop Collective,” has become so popular with customers that the owners nixed the students’ original plan of repainting it each year.

“The colorful painting has become part of the identity of the store,” Shriver says. “It illustrates how art can impart and anchor an idea, a thought, or more importantly, a feeling.”

Linfield College art graduates have been accepted into a number of prestigious graduate programs, including the Pratt Institute in New York, School of the Chicago Art Institute and Claremont Graduate School. Others have gone directly into careers in business, art therapy, bio-medical illustration, arts administration, graphic design, web design and publishing, while others are teaching in public schools.

Linfield College art students with mural

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